Multi-purpose and kitchen cleaners

Do you really need to fork out for both?

Spray bottles with cleaning tools.


Multi Purpose Healthy Clean Crisp Apple Burst



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    How we test

    Our assessment is based on how well the cleaners perform at removing greasy dirt from a ceramic tile with a mechanical arm. Cleanliness is assessed by measuring reflectance before and after cleaning. The test is repeated 8 times and the results averaged.

    Find out more about how we test surface cleaners.


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      November 2019

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    • Surfaces suitable for

      Kitchen, sink, stove, rubbish bins, bathroom. Hard non-porous surface such as benchtop, sinks, appliances and stove tops. Use with care on painted, varnished, and porous surfaces.

    • Surfaces not suitable for

      Do not use on wood, fabric, acrylic plastics such as fridge and microwave interiors, marble, granite or aluminium surfaces. Not intended to be used on therapeutic devices.

    • Origin

      Not Stated

    • Has fragrance

      Crisp apple