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All Purpose Cleaner Grapefruit & Mint



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    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Greasy soil removal (100%)

    We use PVC sheet covered in a greasy soil (the PVC sheet holds the soil better than the ceramic tile we usually use). Following the manufacturer’s instructions on applying the cleaner, we used a mechanical arm to clean the sheet. The sheet's cleanliness is then checked with a spectrophotometer. The test is repeated 8 times and the results are averaged.

    Where instructions stated, we applied the cleaner to the sheet and left it for the designated time before scrubbing. Not all cleaners had application directions. In those cases, we applied the cleaner to a damp sponge before placing the sponge on the sheet and scrubbing it clean.


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      May 2019

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    • Surfaces suitable for

      Kitchens, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, tiles, venetian blinds, stainless steel and chrome surfaces

    • Surfaces not suitable for

      Do not use on polished, varnished or lacquered surfaces. When used on paintwork apply and immediately wipe clean.

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    Safe for manufactured stone benches


    When we had technicians come around to look at a heat crack in our 3 year old Ecostone benches they commented with surprise on how shiny they were still and wanted to know what cleaner we used (this one!). Apparently they frequently see benches of that age with the surface completely stripped by other spray cleaners. It may not be the strongest cleaner but your bench will thank you for it!


    No, works just fine on everything we use it for.

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    Matthew C.

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