Updated 11 Mar 2016


Standard Plan

Snapshot: Petplan Standard Plan is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance. Is it the cat’s pyjamas?

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Plan type
Allianz Australia Insurance
Underwriter’s strength rating
AA- (Standard & Poor’s)
Independent complaints resolution service

Financial Services Complaints Limited

Cooling-off period

21 days

Maximum yearly limit

$9000 (cats); $14,000 (dogs)

Excess ($)



Eligible age for application

From 8 weeks to 8 years (5 years for select breeds)

Stand down period, illness

21 days

Stand down period, other


Ongoing treatment of chronic conditions covered?



Cover if your cat dies


Cover if your dog dies

$1000 if your dog dies from injury ($100 excess applies)

Inherited conditions covered

Inherited and congenital conditions covered

Vaccinations and routine care


Dental care

If teeth damaged by accident or decay (provided pet has had a yearly check-up)

Alternative treatments

Yes, covered under “Maximum yearly limit” ($100 excess applies)

Advertising/rewards for missing cat

$500 each year for advertising/reward (no excess)

Advertising/rewards for missing dog

$1000 each year for advertising/reward (no excess)

Straying or theft

$1000 ($100 excess applies)

Boarding fees for cat

$500 each year (no excess)

Boarding fees for dog

$1000 each year (no excess)

Holiday cancellation

$1000 each year ($100 excess applies)

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