Updated 11 Mar 2016


Supreme Plan

Snapshot: Petplan Supreme Plan is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance. Is it the cat’s pyjamas?

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Plan type
Allianz Australia Insurance
Underwriter’s strength rating
AA- (Standard & Poor’s)
Independent complaints resolution service

Financial Services Complaints Limited

Cooling-off period

21 days

Maximum yearly limit

$12,000 (cats); $18,000 (dogs)

Excess ($)



Eligible age for application

From 8 weeks to 8 years (5 years for select breeds)

Stand down period, illness

21 days

Stand down period, other


Ongoing treatment of chronic conditions covered?



Cover if your cat dies

$1000 if your cat dies from injury or illness ($100 excess applies + illness only covered if your cat is under 8)

Cover if your dog dies

$2000 if your dog dies from injury or illness ($100 excess applies + illness only covered if your dog is under 8 or under 5 if select breed)

Inherited conditions covered

Inherited and congenital conditions covered

Vaccinations and routine care


Dental care

If teeth damaged by accident or decay (provided pet has had a yearly check-up)

Alternative treatments

Yes, covered under “Maximum yearly limit” ($100 excess applies)

Advertising/rewards for missing cat

$2000 each year for advertising/reward (no excess)

Advertising/rewards for missing dog

$2000 each year for advertising/reward (no excess)

Straying or theft

$2000 ($100 excess applies)

Boarding fees for cat

$1000 each year (no excess)

Boarding fees for dog

$2000 each year (no excess)

Holiday cancellation

$2000 each year ($100 excess applies)

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