Updated 8 Aug 2016

Ingenuity by Bright Starts

Baby Base 2-in-1

Snapshot: The Ingenuity By Bright Sparks Baby Base 2-in-1 portable highchair can be used with or without seat padding. Did it pass all our safety tests?

Baby Base 2-in-1
Avg price


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Good points

  • Removable tray.
  • Padding can be removed to reduce seat height.


  • Failed one major safety test: the sides are too low to prevent a fall.

How we test

There is no Australian and New Zealand standard for portable seats, so we base our testing on some relevant parts of the AS/NZS 2195:1999 standard for high chairs, with a few other tests specific to portable seats.

Major failures include risk of a fall due to insufficient side and rear barriers, choking hazards from easily removed small pieces, insecure attachment to a chair or table and a harness that allows a child to stand up. Minor failures include less serious examples of major failure conditions, plus limb/finger entrapment hazards.

We also check the stability of the portable seat. If it fits to a table or chair, we check how securely it attaches and that it doesn’t move too much when pushed forwards or sideways. And if it can be used as a floor-seat, we check it doesn’t tip over.

We won’t recommend a portable seat if it has a major safety failure.

Key data


Avg price
Major failures
Minor failures
Standards claimed
ASTM F2640, EN 16120:2012


Dimensions H x W x D (cm)
29 x 38 x 43
Weight (kg)
Tabletop (mm)
Use from
4 months
15kg/3yrs (22.6kg/4yrs when used on the floor)


Harness type
Crotch barrier
Seat heights
2 (with and without seat padding)

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