We tested 8 saucepans. Which ones hit the spot?

Checking pot of steaming food.


ID3 Hard Anodised Saucepan with Lid 20cm



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    Test results

    • 45
    • 40
      Scrambled egg
    • 57
      Boiling water
    • 65
      Ease of use
    • 70
    • 40
    • 70
    • 80

    Good points

    • No PFOA, lead or cadmium.
    • Fairly easy to pour, flat edge rim makes a slightly wider pour, no dripping on to bench easy to hold with one hand.
    • D-shaped handle opposite side for extra stability.
    • Saucepan is fairly balanced.
    • Comprehensive instructions.
    • Non-stick surface is easy to clean.
    • Comprehensive instructions.

    Bad points

    • Poor result for evenness.
    • Only OK boil time result.
    • Base is not all magnetic, reduced magnetic contact on the base.
    • Handle is uncomfortable, hard edge thin stainless steel slightly rounded no no-slip grip.
    • Some steam escapes from around the lid, limited condensation build-up on the handle.
    • Lid handle does not have sufficient gap under the handle to prevent touching the glass lid.
    • Glass lid has crevices that can accumulate grime and be difficult to clean.
    • Lid handle base area can become dangerously hot.

    How we test

    Performance (70% of overall score): we cook scrambled eggs (70% of the performance score) to assess the pot’s evenness and stickability and we time how long it takes to heat 1L of water (30% of the performance score).

    Ease of use (30%): we consider the balance of the pot, how comfortable the handle is, steam control, how easy it is to pour from, and how easy it is to clean.


    • Avg price


    • Price survey

      June 2020


    • Weight (kg)


    • Volume (L)


    • Time to boil 1L water (minutes.seconds)


    • Base diameter

      18 (15cm for magnetic base area)cm

    • Base thickness


    • Base material

      Triple layer non-stick. Stainless steel induction plate.


    • Suitable for induction cooktops

    • Oven safe

      Up to 220°C

    • Steam vents

    • Glass lid

    • Non-stick lining

    • Measurement grading

    • Dishwasher safe

      Yes (but hand washing recommended)

    • Claims no PFOA

      Yes (no PFOA , lead or cadmium)

    More info

    • Availability

      Exclusive to Farmers.

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    I bought these saucepans from the indings of Consumer's test results in 2019. I purchase the stainless steel brand.
    Loved the availability from the Farmers so could purchase over a period of time or when on special.


    After 2 months one of the lids glass shattered. Now I have discovered the bottoms of these saucepans are bubling so on the induction elements, the saucepan starts to wobble. I have 4 saucepans and two saucepans have bubbled on the bottom.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Sandra B.

    Used 1 - 3 months