We tested 8 saucepans. Which ones hit the spot?

Checking pot of steaming food.


ID3 Hard Anodised Saucepan with Lid 20cm



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    Test results

    • 45
    • 40
      Scrambled egg
    • 57
      Boiling water
    • 65
      Ease of use
    • 70
    • 40
    • 70
    • 80

    Good points

    • No PFOA, lead or cadmium.
    • Fairly easy to pour, flat edge rim makes a slightly wider pour, no dripping on to bench easy to hold with one hand.
    • D-shaped handle opposite side for extra stability.
    • Saucepan is fairly balanced.
    • Comprehensive instructions.
    • Non-stick surface is easy to clean.
    • Comprehensive instructions.

    Bad points

    • Poor result for evenness.
    • Only OK boil time result.
    • Base is not all magnetic, reduced magnetic contact on the base.
    • Handle is uncomfortable, hard edge thin stainless steel slightly rounded no no-slip grip.
    • Some steam escapes from around the lid, limited condensation build-up on the handle.
    • Lid handle does not have sufficient gap under the handle to prevent touching the glass lid.
    • Glass lid has crevices that can accumulate grime and be difficult to clean.
    • Lid handle base area can become dangerously hot.

    How we test

    Performance (70% of overall score): we cook scrambled eggs (70% of the performance score) to assess the pot’s evenness and stickability and we time how long it takes to heat 1L of water (30% of the performance score).

    Ease of use (30%): we consider the balance of the pot, how comfortable the handle is, steam control, how easy it is to pour from, and how easy it is to clean.


    • Avg price


    • Price survey

      June 2020


    • Weight (kg)


    • Volume (L)


    • Time to boil 1L water (minutes.seconds)


    • Base diameter

      18 (15cm for magnetic base area)cm

    • Base thickness


    • Base material

      Triple layer non-stick. Stainless steel induction plate.


    • Suitable for induction cooktops

    • Oven safe

      Up to 220°C

    • Steam vents

    • Glass lid

    • Non-stick lining

    • Measurement grading

    • Dishwasher safe

      Yes (but hand washing recommended)

    • Claims no PFOA

      Yes (no PFOA , lead or cadmium)

    More info

    • Availability

      Exclusive to Farmers.

    Member reviews

    2 Member reviews

    Very disappointed, a waste of good money


    I bought two saucepans and two frying pans. I never put them in the dishwasher and treated them gently. I am still using the frying pans, although the heat distribution is uneven, but the saucepans are in my inorganic pile.


    Mashing potatoes and stirring sauces (wooden spoon) has caused the black layer on the bottom of the saucepans to wear off in a circle. Doing a white sauce, it ended up full of black spots from the coating, so I consider them a health risk to use.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Lisz B.

    Used 6 months or more



    I bought these saucepans from the indings of Consumer's test results in 2019. I purchase the stainless steel brand.
    Loved the availability from the Farmers so could purchase over a period of time or when on special.


    After 2 months one of the lids glass shattered. Now I have discovered the bottoms of these saucepans are bubling so on the induction elements, the saucepan starts to wobble. I have 4 saucepans and two saucepans have bubbled on the bottom.

    Recommend it?

    No, this product has too many drawbacks.

    Sandra B.

    Used 1 - 3 months