A rangehood can help rid your kitchen of steam and cooking smells.


Fisher & Paykel

HC60DCXB3 - Ducted


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    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Performance (60%)
    Rates steam extraction from 2 and from 4 simmering saucepans on both high and low fan speeds.

    Ease of use (30%)
    Covers filter cleaning, controls and lighting over cooking area.

    Noise (10%)
    Measured 50cm from the front edge of the hood.

    Running costs (100 hours) 50 hours on low and 50 hours on high setting. Assumes electricity costs of 26c/kWh.

    Mode Mode tested. Most models have test results in both modes.

    Prices from a December 2018 survey.

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    • Ease of use
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