Robot vacuum cleaners

Convenience, but at what cost?

Robot vacuum cleaner in hallway

Robot vacuums should be able to clean any type of flooring. We test them on hard and soft flooring and around obstacles (chairs and a bench), so that the setup is similar to a home.

We've tested 19 robot vacuum cleaners.

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Overall score breakdown

Overall score is based on

Hard floors (40%)

We scatter a measured amount of sand evenly over a vinyl floor and let the robot loose for 25 minutes, or until the end of its cleaning cycle. We periodically measure the dirt collected and the score is based on the total amount picked up.

Carpet cleaning (30%)

Similar to the hard floor test, we sprinkle sand evenly onto a section of carpet and leave the robot to clean. The sand collected is weighed and recorded, and then a score is given.

Corners and edges cleaning (15%)

Sand is spread into a corner, and the robot vacuum is instructed to clean this area. A visual assessment of remaining sand checks how close to the corner it got.

Pet-hair removal (15%)

We embed cat hair into carpet and set the vacuum to run for six minutes. The score is based on a visual assessment of how much cat hair is left after the test.

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