Sandwich makers

Find out which sandwich makers and presses produce the perfect snack.

Sandwich makers

Which makes the best toastie?

We've tested 9 sandwich makers.

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What to look for

If you’re thinking about buying a sandwich maker or press, here are a few things to consider:

  • Sandwich makers come as 2- or 4-sandwich models and there are also different sizes within these. Larger-sized models are generally more versatile. Think about how many sandwiches you’ll make at once and how big your kitchen bench is.
  • Storing the cord underneath the bottom plate helps keep the benchtop tidy and the cord away from little hands.
  • A storage latch that locks the top and bottom together makes for easy carrying and vertical storage. All models we tested had this feature.
  • A top plate that’s lockable or adjustable at various heights allows you to use the press for open melts.

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Sandwich maker or press?

Sandwich presses are more versatile because they have toasting plates that can fit breads of various sizes and thicknesses.

To see how well the presses handled specialty breads, we made sandwiches with Turkish bread and ciabatta.

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