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Sandwich makers

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Toasties: the perfect lunch go-to.

We've tested 9 sandwich makers and 3 sandwich presses — find out which models produce the perfect snack.

From our test

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What to look for

If you are thinking about buying a sandwich press, here's a few things to consider:

  • Sandwich presses come as two- or four-sandwich models and there are also different sizes within these. Larger-sized models are generally more versatile. Think about how many sandwiches you’ll make at once and how big your kitchen bench is (bigger models take up more room).
  • Storing the cord underneath the bottom plate helps keep the benchtop tidy and the cord away from little hands.
  • A storage latch that locks the top and bottom together makes for easy carrying and vertical storage. All models we tested had this feature.
  • A top plate that’s lockable or adjustable at various heights allows you to use the press for open melts.

What we found

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