Single-serve blenders

Can the NutriBullet stand up to its competitors?

Fruit and vegetables in single-serve blender.

There’s a kitchen gadget that’s taken the country by storm. Single-serve blenders let you whip up a smoothie in a cup and take that drink on the go with you.

We've tested 8 single-serve blenders.

Find a single-serve blender

What about a normal blender or a juicer?

If it’s just smoothies you want, a single-serve blender is a good option as it will usually be lighter and take up less room in the cupboard. But another factor is how much smoothie you’re wanting to make at one time. A benchtop blender would be a better option if you’re wanting to make enough for the whole family. Some single-serve blenders also come with a jug for making larger quantities.

Vs a juicer

Juicers separate the juice from the pulp so you miss out on the fibre, whereas single-serve blenders keep all of the ingredients in the drink. Juicers can be a hassle to clean while most of the single-serve blenders in our test could go in the dishwasher.

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Single-serve blenders nutrition table

Nutrition numbers

Anyone who has seen an ad for single-serve blenders knows some of them don’t hold back on the claims. The NutriBullet, for example, claims to turn “ordinary food into superfood” and to “access the hidden nutrition inside”. So we sent our green smoothies to the lab to test how much iron, calcium and magnesium had been extracted. We also measured the vitamin C, but did this as soon as the smoothie was made because vitamin C immediately begins to oxidise.

One blender – the NutriBullet Pro – extracted more than the average for all the nutrients. The Nutri Ninja extracted below average amounts for all nutrients. This test was not conducted on the NutriBullet Select N9C-0907 which was tested in a different batch.

As for the claim about being able to turn ordinary food into “superfood”, a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about that line wasn’t upheld earlier this year. The complaints board said there was no standard definition of what a superfood was, given it’s not a medical or technical term but a marketing one, so it didn’t deem the line misleading.

Blender Vit C (mg/250ml)[sort;desc] Calcium (mg/250ml)[sort;desc] Iron (mg/250ml)[sort;desc] Magnesium (mg/250ml)[sort;desc]
Cuisinart CPB-300RA Compact Portable Blender 61 56 1.3 43
George Foreman 21820AU 53 51 1.1 39
Kambrook Blitz2Go Active Personal Blender KBL63 50 51 2.1 41
Magic Bullet 21pc set MBR2107M 42 48 1.7 34
Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ BL480 38 44 1.4 29
NutriBullet Pro 9pc set 900W 59 58 2.0 45
Nutribullet 12 pc set 600W 51 54 1.4 44
Oster OPB2000 FitBlend 63 61 1.7 45
Sunbeam PB1000A GoBlend Apple Green 37 52 1.5 39
Ultramaxx Nutritional Extractor 47 56 2.0 44
Vitamix S30 48 58 1.5 44


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What else to look for

What else to look for

What else to look for

  • If there are a few people in your household who will be using the blender, look for one that comes with more than one cup.
  • Noise – the noisiest single-serve blender in our test put out 84dBA, which is up there with some of the petrol lawnmowers we’ve tested. You wouldn’t want to whip up a smoothie in that while your family is having a sleep-in.

Our tips

  • Adding cubes of ice or frozen fruit to your smoothies help keep them cool while blending.
  • The rubber seals around the blade assembly need to be cleaned after each use so bacteria and mould don’t grow.
  • Don’t store blended mixtures in a sealed container for long periods of time as sugar in the fruit and vegetables can ferment. This causes pressure to build up so it sprays out when you open it.

Recalled models

Recalled models

Recalled models

Some single-serve blender models have been recalled recently because their internal components aren’t made of suitable materials, which could cause a fire. They are:

Other types of blender

Other types of blender

Other types of blender

We have also tested hand-held blenders, benchtop blenders and super blenders.

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