Updated 1 Apr 2014

Dick Smith

Super Alkaline

Bottom line: This alkaline battery is good overall. It has OK capacity and its cold performance is good.

Super Alkaline
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Test results

Overall score
Cold performance

Good points

  • OK capacity.
  • Good cold performance.


(No obvious bad points.)

How we test

Overall score:

  • Capacity (50 percent)
  • Cold performance (50 percent)

Price is per battery and is from a survey in March 2014.

This test was specifically designed to obtain information about the batteries’ performance when powering a smoke alarm. The results aren’t an indication of their performance in other devices.

About our test
There were 4 steps in our testing:

  • To tailor our battery tests to smoke alarms, we took 3 different alarms and measured their electrical characteristics both on standby and when the alarms were sounding.
  • We measured the capacity (stored electrical energy) of each battery by monitoring the time it took when we deliberately discharged each from its initial 9 volts to 5.
  • We took another set of our test batteries and half-discharged them using the data from step 2.
  • These half-discharged batteries were refrigerated to 6°C and then set up to supply the electric current equivalent to a sounding smoke alarm. We measured how well they performed this task.

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