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Tablet computers

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Do you still need a laptop?

We’ve tested over 70 tablets. Is it worth buying one? Or do you still need a laptop?

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Tablet or laptop?

A question we get asked a lot is “I want a new laptop, just to check emails and surf the internet. Which one should I get?”

The answer is: consider a tablet. If all you’re doing is surfing and emailing, then a tablet is ideal. Tablets are lightweight and super easy to use on the couch or in bed – they don’t have the size or bulky battery-charging requirements of a laptop.

If you do a bit of typing (longer than emails) or you’re looking for a lightweight work option, then you might want to invest in a detachable or bluetooth keyboard or even go for the Surface Pro range. In general, tablets can be great replacements for much of what you do on a laptop.

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First Look reviews

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