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Tablet computers

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We test some of the newest tablets on the market.

Both Apple and Microsoft have released new tablets. While the iPad was “due” for an update, the Surface’s was a welcome surprise. The rest of the field aren’t doing so bad either.

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About our test

When we first started looking at tablets, Apple’s iPad sat at the very top.

The Apple iPad 2 32GB and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.
The Apple iPad 2 32GB and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

In more recent tests the competition’s caught up and the overall quality of tablets in general has increased.

We have 28 tablets in this latest test – though this isn’t total coverage of the market and doesn’t include all variations of each model – and 24 of them have an overall score of 70 percent or more. Our top 10 models include Apple, Acer, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon.

How we chose the models
The companies that make tablets will often put out a large number of variations of each model. For example, there are 8 different iPad Air models (4 different memory sizes for each of the WiFi-only and 4G versions).

But this test isn’t filled with models that have very slight differences between them: we limited the test to each model’s 32GB version. If there wasn’t a 32GB version we chose the one closest to this – and when a model had only 1 version available here we tested that one.

What we found

Our test put the Microsoft Surface 2 and iPad Air head-to-head.

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