Updated 21 Mar 2017


the Smart Toast BTA845

Snapshot: The Breville the Smart Toast BTA845 is a 4-slice toaster with a frozen setting and crumpet setting. But is it the best thing since sliced bread?

the Smart Toast BTA845
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Test results

Overall score
Ease of use
Browning consistency
Browning evenness

Good points

  • OK at browning evenly.
  • Very good at toasting a single slice.
  • Has a crumpet setting.
  • Crumb tray is very easy to pull out and clean.
  • Excellent controls with motorised carriage.
  • Has 4 short slots "paired" with 2 toasting levers and 2 browning controls.
  • Can lift carriage lever to check toast without interrupting toasting cycle.
  • Has a reheat setting.
  • Has a crumpet setting.
  • Has audible “toast ready” reminder.


  • Poor at producing consistently toasted bread.
  • Poor at toasting frozen bread.
  • Just OK at toasting Burgen bread.
  • No high-lift lever.

How we test

In our last two tests we also toasted Burgen bread (a multigrain bread similar to Vogels). Because of this changed test method you can’t compare the overall scores of some previously tested models.

Overall score is made up of:

Toasting performance (70%): As a toaster heats up it produces darker toast, so we wanted to check the consistency of colour from run to run. To do this we toasted slices of fresh white bread over 4 runs in quick succession. We also assessed the evenness of browning across each slice. Next we checked how well the toasters dealt with a single slice, as well as bread straight from the freezer. Where a toaster has a Burgen score, we also assessed how well the toaster cooked Burgen bread.

Ease of use (30%): We assessed how easy the controls were to use, whether the toasters were easy to clean or had dirt traps, and whether the crumb tray was easy to remove and empty.

We also measured the temperature of the sides of the toasters — if these get higher than 68°C they could burn you. (None of the models in this test were higher than 68°C but the metal around the slots can still get very hot.)

Key data

Key data



Avg price

More test results (/10)

Frozen slice
Single slice


Toasting time (min:sec)
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)
29 x 30 x 20
Exterior finish
Number of slots


Long slot
Separate slot-controls
Separate browning controls
High-lift lever
Cancel button
Cord storage
Reheat setting
Frozen bread setting
Bagel or crumpet setting
Sliding crumb tray

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