Our guide to choosing the right toaster, plus test results for budget and premium models.

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If hot, buttery toast is a staple for your breakfast, a good toaster is invaluable.

We've put budget and premium toasters through a series of toasting tests, ease-of-use assessments and electrical safety checks.

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Before you buy a new toaster, whether it fits two slices or four, here are some key things to think about:

  • Extra features: Will you use them? Settings like defrost and reheat are handy for some people, but a waste of money for others.

  • Controls: Labels should be clear to read and controls easy to operate.

  • Safety: A safe toaster automatically switches off once time is up, even if a stuck slice is keeping its carriage down.

  • Material: Stainless steel looks more sophisticated, but can be trickier to clean than smooth plastic. A metal toaster is also more likely to burn you (unless it uses “cool wall” insulation.

We also have data on which brands have the highest customer satisfaction and most reliable toasters – find out which we awarded Top Brand.

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