Updated 31 Aug 2016


5 in 1 Toilet Cleaner

Snapshot: Duck 5 in 1 Toilet Cleaner is a liquid toilet cleaner that comes in a 650ml bottle. How well does it clean the toilet?

5 in 1 Toilet Cleaner
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Test results

Overall score

How we test

We scan a tile with colour assessment software then stain the tile with simulated faeces, based on a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) formulation. Yes, such a thing does exist.

We then apply the cleaner to the tile and use a mechanical scrubbing arm to clean the tile. The tile is then rescanned to assess how clean the tile is. This is repeated three times and the results are averaged.

Key data


Avg price
Pack size (ml)
Ingredients (as stated on the bottle)
Non hazardous non-ionic surfactant Benzalkonium chloride 4.9g/L. Other non hazardous ingredients
Price per 100ml/g ($)

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