Toilet cleaners

It’s not a pleasant job, but the right cleaner makes it easier.

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We've tested 18 toilet cleaners.

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You need a product that leaves your bowl sparkling clean and free of stubborn stains. Compare the gel and liquid cleaners we’ve tested, and check how well your favourite product polishes the porcelain.

Next time your toilet cleaner runs out and you’re wandering the supermarket aisle, keep these things in mind:

  • Chemical names: Trying to avoid bleach and lye? Then you also need to check for sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide, their scientific names.

  • Bottle necks: Angled necks make it easier to get under the rim.

  • Child-proof caps: Don’t buy anything that can be easily opened by a curious youngster.

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Toilet cleaners guide

Before you buy, check out our buying guide.

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