Toilet paper

When nature calls, which loo roll should you reach for?

Rolls of toilet paper on blue background.


Toilet tissue (8 rolls)

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  • Avg price per 100 sheets


Test results

  • 57
  • 47
    Puncture resistance
  • 80
    Ease of separation
  • 30
    Environmental features
  • 60

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How we test

Our assessment includes:

  • Disintegration time (30%)
  • Puncture resistance (30%)
  • Environmental impact (25%)
  • Separation ease (15%)

We also consider softness, but this doesn’t count towards the overall score.

Find out more about how we test toilet paper.


  • Cost per pack


  • Avg price per 100 sheets


  • Ply


  • Price surveyed

    April 2020

  • Pack size


  • Number of sheets per roll


  • Size of sheets (cm)

    9.5 x 11

  • Origin

    Not stated

Environmental impact

  • PEFC Certified


  • FSC Certified

    Yes (Mix)

  • Made from recycled paper

    Not stated

  • Bleaching claims

    Not stated

  • Packaging

    Accepted by the soft plastics recycling scheme.

  • Other enviromental claims


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