Updated 4 Aug 2016

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Instant Insurance for Travel

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Key data


Tower Insurance
Underwriter's financial strength rating
A- (A.M. Best)
0800 800 477
Cooling-off period
7 days
Oldest age covered
65 years and under
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Health cover

Overseas emergency medical expenses
Unlimited (US); $200,000 (elsewhere)
Emergency dental treatment
Hospital cash allowance
Not available
Ongoing medical expenses in NZ
Not available


No depreciation applied to goods bought on your trip
Luggage and personal effects
Cameras and video cameras
$2500 (cameras)
Mobile phones
Other items
$1500 ($2500 jewellery)
Theft of cash
Travel documents
Delayed luggage
Up to $1000 (12hrs before allowance kicks in)


Cancellation fees and loss of deposit
Resumption of trip
Up to $5000


Personal liability
$2 million
Rental vehicle excess

Death and injury

Accidental death or permanent injury
Funeral expenses
Loss of income stipend
Not available

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