Updated 4 Aug 2016

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan A

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Key data


Allianz Australia Insurance
Underwriter's financial strength rating
AA- (Standard & Poor's)
0800 400 132
Cooling-off period
15 working days
Oldest age covered
119 years and under
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Health cover

Overseas emergency medical expenses
Emergency dental treatment
Hospital cash allowance
$50 each night up to $8000 if hospitalised for 48hrs+
Ongoing medical expenses in NZ


Replacement price for goods
Luggage and personal effects
Cameras and video cameras
$3500 ($1000 tablets)
Mobile phones
Other items
Theft of cash
Travel documents
$12,000 (see "Luggage and personal effects")
Delayed luggage
Up to $1000 (24hrs before allowance kicks in)


Cancellation fees and loss of deposit
Resumption of trip
Up to $3000


Personal liability
$2.5 million
Rental vehicle excess
Optional $5000

Death and injury

Accidental death or permanent injury
Funeral expenses
Loss of income stipend
Up to $1500 per month capped at $9000

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