A washer-dryer does the job of a washing machine and clothes dryer in a single appliance. Ratings and test results.


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      Overall drying
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      Washing dirt removal
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      Washing rinsing
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      Washing gentleness

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    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    Washing (70%): includes dirt removal (50%), rinsing (20%), gentleness (10%), water efficiency (10%), spin efficiency (10%).

    Drying (30%): includes drying time (40%), energy efficiency (40%), ease of use (20%)

    We tested washing and drying performance using a 3.5kg load. Our research has found this is about the average amount people wash at one time regardless of their machine’s capacity.

    We washed specially stained swatches attached to a load of sheets, towels and pillow cases using a normal cold wash cycle. After washing, we measured how much dirt was removed from each swatch. We did this with a spectrophotometer (which measures how much light reflects off the swatches). It’s more accurate than the human eye.

    We then ran a drying cycle (also with a 3.5kg load) and measured how much energy was used to dry the load as well as how long it took.

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    We've reviewed the Fisher & Paykel WD8560F1 to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Overall washing
    • Overall drying
    • Washing dirt removal
    • Washing rinsing
    • Washing gentleness

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