Updated 28 Oct 2014


WKEes 553

Snapshot: The Liebherr WKEes 553 wine fridge is 45cm tall and has a door alarm. It can store up to 18 bottles. Is it a cool performer?

WKEes 553
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Test results

Overall score
Seasonal change

Good points

  • Excellent at minimising temperature fluctuations.
  • Excellent at handling seasonal temperature change.
  • Good temperature uniformity.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Has a door alarm.
  • Has a child lock on the controls.
  • Shelves roll out for easy access.


  • High energy use (per bottle).
  • No door lock.
  • Have to specify a right- or left- opening door when you buy it.

How we test

We've used a variation of our fridge test method for wine fridges and based it on the ideals of maintaining a temperature of 14C, using a loaded fridge in all scored tests.

Seasonal change: We check the temperature operation range for the wine fridges' ability to operate in external conditions ranging from 10°C to 40°C.
Fluctuations: We measure temperature fluctuations to see if the cabinets can maintain steady temperatures over the short term as the cooling system cycles.
Uniformity: Are compartment temperatures generally uniform, or do some areas get colder or warmer than the rest?

We also measured energy use per bottle to see how the fridges’ energy-use compares, based upon the claimed number of bottles the fridge could store.

We also measured the noise of the fridge during normal operation.

Key data


Price guide


Annual energy usage per bottle (kWh)
Noise level (dBA)
Vibration (mm/s/s)
Dimensions (HxWxD) cm
45 x 59 x 55
Claimed number of bottles


Number of shelves
Shelf construction
Shelf movement
Roll out
Stacking type
Single shelf
Reversible door
R or L
Door lock
Child lock on controls
Door alarm

More Info

Available with a left or right hinged door.