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We've tested 12 store-bought routers and 10 ISP-supplied models to assess their WiFi performance and security, plus how easy they are to set up.

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Ubiquiti Networks

AmpliFi HD (3-pack)



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    This mesh router has poor WiFi performance, with only the 5GHz being even OK. While it gives good fibre speeds, the slow wireless and very noticeable interference from obstructions (5GHz) will leave you annoyed.

    Test results

    • 33
      WiFi performance
    • 51
      Ease of use and setup
    • 50

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    Good points

    • Good fibre speed.
    • Good for channel switching.

    Bad points

    • Poor WiFi performance.
    • Very poor 2.4GHz WiFi performance.
    • Only OK 5GHz WiFi performance.
    • Only OK to use.
    • Only OK for security.
    • Very noticeable interference on 5GHz signal.

    How we test

    Overall score includes:

    WiFi performance (60%) – measured at 4m and 10m from the router. We calculated the speeds, in megabits per second (Mbps), using online speed testing apps. We repeated the test 3 times on each band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and at each distance. The speeds from both distances were averaged and scored compared to the speeds expected for the WiFi standards they were using.

    Ease of use and setup (20%) – based on an assessment of set up and how easy the device is to use including monitoring and managing network access and changing default settings (service set identifier (SSID), network key/password, encryption and WiFi protected set-up (WPS) settings). We also looked at the ease of accessing advanced functions such as guest networks, virtual private network (VPN), attached external media and parental control tools.

    Security (20%) – looked at whether the networks were encrypted, how easy it was to identify them by SSID, and the security of the network key/password.

    If a USB storage device can be connected to the router so that media is shared on the network. Also called Media Server and ReadyShare.

    DLNA is a certification that guides how media can be shared amongst devices over a network. It is often used with media sharing.

    Where a 3g or 4G USB dongle is connected through a USB port. The router can then route the 3G/4G signal through the WiFi network.

    Price is based on a December 2018 online price survey.


    • Avg price


    Speed test results

    • Fibre


    • WiFi performance 2.4GHz


    • WiFi performance 5GHz


    • Obstruction 2.4GHz

      Noticeable interference from obstruction

    • Obstruction 5GHz

      Very noticeable interference from obstruction

    • Channel switching ability

      Good at channel switching


    • Fibre


    • WiFi bands (GHz)

      2.4 & 5

    • Antennas

      None external

    • Antenna placement


    • Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]

      100 x 100 x 98

    • Weight (g)



    • Mesh
    • MIMO


    • Beamforming support
    • Ethernet LAN ports


    • USB ports


    • Media sharing via USB
    • DLNA
    • Installation wizard
    • Quality of Service
    • Parental controls
    • Parental control features

      Can manually pause device internet access

    • Firewall
    • Guest network WiFi


    • WPS support
    • 3G/4G passthrough
    • VOIP
    • Wall mountable

    Member reviews

    1 Member review

    Amplifi HD is Awesome!


    Simple, reliable, great whole of house wifi. Works far better than many previous Wifi Routers and access points. Easy updates.
    I don't understand the test results, based on my experience it's far better than some of the other routers that have poor wifi and don't last.


    Family, parental controls could be better.

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    Kelvin M.

    Used 6 months or more