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    Of the burners that have been tested under the 'Canterbury Method', which is arguably a better representation of everyday use, the Cromwell stood out with the fewest emissions. The environmentalist's choice.

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    Good points

    • NES (clean air) approved for urban areas.
    • Excellent emissions performance (significantly above average for a NES compliant woodburner).
    • Good efficiency (slightly above average for a NES compliant woodburner).
    • Can be installed in Hastings Zone 1.
    • Can be installed in Otago Air Zone 1 (Alexandra, Cromwell, Clyde, Arrowtown) and in Milton.
    • Can be installed anywhere in Canterbury (including all Clean Air Zones).
    • Can be installed anywhere in the Nelson urban area.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    How we test

    Testing for emissions, efficiency and power output using AS/NZS 4012/4013 was carried out by an independent lab in New Zealand.

    We analyse data from National Environmental Standards (NES) testing to generate scores out of 10 for emissions and efficiency, along with an overall score. This gives us a clear picture of the performance, features and specifications for almost every model on the market.

    Where available, we've also included the NZHHA output results. These results reflect the absolute maximum heat output you could achieve in your home.

    Price is from the manufacturers’ survey and is without a flue kit unless stated otherwise.

    Overall score includes:
    Efficiency (60%)
    Emissions (40%)



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      • Meets NES standards
      • NZHHA test power output (kW)


      • Dimensions WxHxD (mm)

        468 x 1188 x 547

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      • Wetback

      • CM1 Emissions (g/kg)


      • CM1 Efficiency (%)


      • ULEB

      • LEB

      • Hastings

      • Central Otago

      • Special features

        Steel fire box, 2 burning chambers for clean burn

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      Needs careful watching, fiddly


      I did an initial youtube review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNSe8F9dzDY and it does make the room hot but so does my 1.5kW electric heater. They advise building the fire up but a top down burn is much easier and just as effective. I did a video on a top down burn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbgAPdY0Nnk


      Takes 45 minutes to reach ULEB mode and needs careful watching as otherwise the downdraft burning mode splutters and the glass blackens indicating dirty combustion. You can see in the above video how dirty the bottom chamber glass gets. It looks difficult to remove the metal plates at the top to repaint as a result of rusting. I just don't believe it's generating 13kWh of heat. Maybe it would better with a fan assist in the downdraft mode.

      Recommend it?

      Maybe, it depends on what you're after.