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We can't help with the weather.

But we can recommend a good clothes dryer. We can share a thing or two on heat pumps, panel heaters, firewood and wood burners, as well as dehumidifiers, ventilation systems and electric blankets too.

And, if your rainy day activities make you want to hibernate till summer, don't worry. We can recommend a new LED, smart or 3DTV, perhaps a slow cooker and even a good bottle of red. Or, if you want to get a way from it all, check out our advice on travel agents, travel insurance or even pre-paid travel cards. You will be on a plane, in a hammock, and out of cell phone reception before you can say 'another mojito, please'.

And remember if you're stuck, sticky or caught in a pickle, give us a call. We know your rights and we'll guide you through.

There's a whole lot more to Consumer than you think, so whatever you're looking for this winter, join now from just $9.95 and then you'll know.

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