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Shorter days and falling temperatures get us thinking about how we can keep ourselves, our homes and our families warm and snug during winter. There are lots of changes you can make – some big, some small – to improve the overall health of your home over the colder months.

4 components of a healthier home

Whether you own or rent, you can make your home warmer and healthier this winter.

  1. Insulation: an insulated home is easier and cheaper to keep warm.
  2. Dampness: tackling dampness can reduce the growth of mould, mildew and dust mites and makes for a healthier home that requires less maintenance.
  3. Ventilation: adequate ventilation ensures good air quality, while also removing day-to-day moisture.
  4. Heating: keeps your home warm, dry and safe to live in.

But to keep your home toasty and warm, you need a four-pronged approach that considers all of these aspects. An insulated, well-ventilated home without enough heating will still be cold, while a dry home with no insulation will cost a fortune to keep warm.

Don’t know where to start? Consumer gives you the information to make the best decisions to suit your needs and budget. We’ve got advice on what you should tackle first and which improvements will give you the best bang for your heating buck.

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