Bike lights

We tested 61 bike lights costing $100 or less.

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Ion R





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    Test results

    • 68
    • 70
      Steady 0°
    • 65
      Steady 20°
    • 70
      Steady 45°
    • 81
      Ease of use
    • 79
    • 83
    • 80

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    Good points

    • Good light output at 0°
    • OK light output at 20°
    • Good light output at 45°
    • Easy to mount to bike
    • Very easy to use on the bike
    • OK to remove and refit light
    • Extremely easy to charge
    • Passed water testing

    Bad points

    • Lighting is uneven with a prominent central spot

    How we test

    Overall score:

    Light performance (65% of overall score)

    We measure lux at 0°, 20° and 45° in our lab. Many manufacturers claim a light output in lumens, the total amount of light available, but we think lux (lumens per square metre) is a better measure of light performance as it shows the quality of light, not just the quantity.

    A good front light should make you visible to drivers at junctions, so we calculate light performance combining 40% of the score at 45°, 40% at 20° and 20% at 0°. A good rear light needs to be most visible to drivers overtaking from behind, so we calculate light performance combining 40% of the score at 0°, 40% at 20°and 20% at 45°.

    Ease of use (35% of overall score)

    “In-use” performance (50% of the ease of use score) includes turning the light on and off and selecting the mode (with and without gloves), usefulness of the battery indicator, and robustness of the mount to knocks and vibration. Daily convenience (30%) includes removing and refitting the light, charging or changing batteries and carrying it in a bag. Ease of fitting and versatility of the mount adds the final 20%.

    Water resistance

    We thoroughly doused the lights with a garden sprinkler. We checked they all worked correctly while soaking wet, then inspected for any water inside the lens and battery compartment or charge port. We don’t include water resistance in our overall score, but we won’t recommend lights that show signs of water ingress.

    Burn time

    We measured the burn time of USB rechargeable lights on their maximum steady setting. We noted if they switched to low-power mode before the battery ran out.


    • Type


    • See or be seen

      Be seen

    • Price


    • Lit area size


    • Lit area quality

      Uneven (spot)

    • Water test pass


    • Weight (g)


    • Battery or USB



    • LEDs


    • Steady modes


    • Flash modes


    • Pulse or chase modes


    • Mount to bike


    • Mount type to bike

      Multi-fit ladder

    • Mount type to bracket



    • Batteries or USB


    • USB type


    • Charge time (hr:min)


    • Burn time to off (hr:min)

      1:55 (to low power mode)

    • Shape


    • Bought as a set
    • In set with

      Flare R City

    Member reviews

    1 Member review

    Great little light


    Small and tidy little light - I feel comfortable leaving on my bike when I lock it up, but they also slip off easily.


    Probably not the best for attaching to helmets etc.

    Recommend it?

    Yes, I recommend this product.

    James W.

    Used 6 months or more