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    How we test

    Noise-cancelling models

    Overall score includes:

    Sound (50%)
    Comfort (30%)
    Noise-cancelling (10%)
    Durability (10%)

    Other scores don’t count towards the overall score.

    Noise-cancelling is only assessed if active noise-cancelling is available.

    Non-noise-cancelling models

    Overall score includes:
    Sound (60%)
    Comfort (30%)
    Durability (10%)

    Other scores don’t count towards the overall score.

    For our test, we get 5 expert testers to wear each pair of headphones for an extended period while listening to a range of content from various audio sources. Each set’s sound quality was also tested using a reference ear, a device with an acoustic input impedance resembling that of an average human ear. This was also done for noise-cancelling if applicable. The scores from the testers and reference ear are then averaged into the final sound quality score.

    The same 5 testers allocate the comfort score. Finding the headphone type that’s most comfortable for you can take time, because everyone’s ears are different. Earbuds often come with different-sized rubber nibs to help fit into your ear. Over-ear headphones tend to be bigger and heavier, so you may need to adjust the headband to get the fit right.

    To test durability we stress test the headphones focusing on the joint between the cable and the speaker housing. We also assess the construction materials and any areas of obvious concern.

    Price is based on a September 2019 price survey.

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    We've reviewed the Panasonic RP-HTX80B to see how well it performs in these categories:

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    • Comfort
    • Durability
    • Classical
    • Jazz
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