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LED Solar Security Light RSSL605/2



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    This solar sensor floodlight has OK light output for a solar light and good endurance.

    Test results

    • 61
      Light output
    • 80
      Construction robust-ness
    • 80
      Water Resistance
    • 70
    • 80
      Ease of install

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    Good points

    • OK light output for a solar light.
    • Good endurance.
    • Very robust construction.
    • Very good water resistance.
    • Very easy to install.
    • DIY install.
    • Time-adjustable sensor.
    • Sensitivity-adjustable sensor.
    • Light-adjustable sensor.

    Bad points

    No obvious bad points.

    How we test

    Our test included ...

    Light output: for sensor security lights and garden spotlights we measured the total amount of light (lumens) produced by each unit. For garden lights, including bollards (tall cylinders) or stick lights, we measured the amount of lumens produced in one direction per square metre (lux) at a range of distances up to 1.5m from the lens.

    Electrical safety: we looked at the quality of electrical construction and the insulation of live wiring from any external metal parts.

    Construction robustness and water resistance: assessed by examining the appearance and construction materials of the units, then hosing them down for 10 minutes before checking for any water in the lens.

    Maximum range of motion-detecting PIR (passive infra-red) sensor.

    Installation time: for mounting sensor lights on the wall assuming the wiring is already in place.

    Endurance: For the solar garden lights we measured their light output at regular intervals throughout the evening after charging on both sunny and cloudy days, then checked if they were still going just before dawn. Solar security lights are assessed after charging on a sunny day then activating them up to 20 times, before running them continuously and measuring how long until they switched off.


    • Avg price


    • Type

      Solar sensor floodlight


    • Max detection range (m)


    • Average light level (lux/lumens)


    • Cloudy day endurance


    • Sunny day endurance

      20+ activations

    • Height (mm above ground)


    • Mounting

      Vertical only

    • Lamp type


    • Fitting


    • Power (watts)



    • Connector


    • Lamps included
    • DIY Install


    • Sensor adjustable for time


    • Sensor adjustable for sensitivity


    • Sensor adjustable for max light level


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      Bunnings and Mitre 10.