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It’s not a pleasant job, but the right cleaner makes it easier.

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Power Clean Toilet Bleach Gel Ultra Strength



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    Janola Power Clean Toilet Bleach Gel Ultra Strength is a toilet cleaner that costs 7¢ per 10ml. It's OK at cleaning toilets.

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    How we test

    Overall score is determined solely by cleaning performance. We stain white tiles with a NASA formulation of simulated faeces. We then apply toilet cleaner to the tile and scrub it with a mechanical arm.

    We measure the reflectance of the tile before we apply the stain and again after cleaning. Each product is tested three times, with the results averaged for a final score.


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      Sodium hypochlorite 52.5g/L, (available chlorine 5.0% m/v), at use by date: Available chlorine 1.9% m/v. Sodium hydroxide 12g /L

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      10 minutes

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