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WMY 8046 LB2


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    How we test

    Our test is based on the standard AS/NZS 2040:1998, and was completed using machines filled with 3.5kg loads.

    Overall score is based on:

    • Dirt removal (50%): Calculated according to a formula in the standard, which reduces the score in proportion to the variability of dirt removal over a range of test swatches in the wash load.
    • Water efficiency (10%): Based on the amount of water used in the whole cycle, per kg of clothes.
    • Rinse performance (20%): Based on the amount of detergent residues after rinsing.
    • Spin efficiency (10%): Calculated from the amount of water remaining (per kg) in the damp clothes.
    • Gentleness (10%): Calculated from the amount of wear on easily frayed squares of cloth.

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    We've reviewed the Beko WMY 8046 LB2 to see how well it performs in these categories:

    • Dirt removal
    • Rinsing
    • Gentleness
    • Water efficiency
    • Spin efficiency

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