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Consumer Recommends

What is Consumer Recommends?

The Consumer Recommends endorsement programme enables New Zealand consumers to recognise Consumer recommended products, helping them make informed decisions.

The brandmark is available to manufacturers, distributors and service providers to use in advertising and promotion. It can only be used for those products and services that have been awarded Consumer Recommends status, subject to meeting licence conditions.

Our criteria

To earn our recommended tick, a product has to excel in our independent tests or expert analysis. If you choose a “Consumer Recommended” product, you’ll be getting one that works better than its peers.

Our tests are fair and independent: whether a product shines or flops, we say so. Our overall score includes measures of performance and ease of use.

Testing products is time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive, which means we can’t test everything. We look at popular (and some not-so-popular) brands available at multiple retailers, to get the biggest bang for our testing buck and ensure you get the best advice.

How do I recognise Consumer Recommended products?

The Consumer Recommends brandmark may be used directly alongside the endorsed product.

All applications of the endorsement brandmark are approved by Consumer NZ prior to use and meet our brand usage guidelines.

FAQs for consumers

Manufacturers, distributors and service providers whose products have been awarded Consumer Recommends status are eligible to purchase a non-exclusive licence to use the brandmark in their advertising and promotion. Licence renewals are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The endorsement programme was launched to recognise excellence and to provide consumers with ‘at a glance’ information on products and services that have been awarded Consumer Recommends status.

Further objectives are to promote Consumer NZ’s research and enhance its credibility among industry and consumers. Many companies already refer to our research. However, the references are sometimes incorrect, out-of-date or without our permission. A licensing arrangement allows us to more effectively manage this.

Our independence is what sets us apart from other organisations. We select products for testing based on market research and we buy products from stores just like consumers do. Manufacturers, distributors and service providers that have purchased endorsement licences have no involvement in our testing programme.

Consumer NZ reserves the right to withdraw a Consumer Recommends endorsement from a product if appropriate.

Our work is funded by member fees, revenue from the Consumer Recommends, Top Brand and People’s Choice endorsement programmes, the Consumer Trusted accreditation programme and contract work, mostly with government departments. All revenue from our endorsement programmes is used to increase the scope of product testing, advocacy and investigative work.

If you are concerned about a product being promoted without a licence, feel the endorsement logo is being used in a confusing manner or wish to ask any questions on the programme, please email us on

FAQs for businesses

Consumer Recommends status is awarded to the very best products tested by Consumer. Products must meet specific criteria based on the results of rigorous comparative tests and analysis. The endorsement programme allows you to celebrate this and communicate it to your customers and retailer network.

An endorsement licence allows you to use the Consumer Recommends brandmark in a variety of ways – print, online, TV, radio, point of sale, packaging and other advertising, and promotion executions approved by Consumer NZ. You can also use limited excerpts from the Consumer report that relate to your specific product model, as approved by Consumer NZ.

Since the programme was launched in 2009, an increasing number of licences have been in market ranging from dishwasher detergents and washing powder to refrigerators and televisions.

Please contact our General Manager – Business, Derek Bonnar, at or 021 486 330.

Endorsement licences are granted for a 6-month or 12-month term. Licencees can apply for a renewal at the expiry of their licence term. Renewals will be granted at the discretion of Consumer NZ.

As products and services are constantly changing, we need to be sure we are reviewing the very latest products and services as and when they hit the market. We also need to ensure the information we provide consumers is accurate, timely and current.

Endorsement licences will only be granted when the Consumer Recommends status is current. A licence agreement needs to be signed within a reasonable time from the date in which your Consumer Recommends status was last published in Consumer magazine or online. Eligibility for an endorsement licence is at the discretion of Consumer NZ.

Once Consumer Recommends status has been awarded to your product, you will be notified by Consumer NZ. Or you can contact our General Manager – Business, Derek Bonnar (, anytime.

  • You are a manufacturer, distributor or service provider whose product(s) have been awarded Consumer Recommends status.
  • You notify Consumer NZ you wish to buy an endorsement licence.
  • The date of commencement for the licence period is agreed.
  • The contract is drawn up and sent out with your endorsement brandmark files.
  • Your promotional material is submitted for approval to Consumer NZ.
  • Your endorsement fee is paid 5 days prior to the commencement of the licence period.
  • Licence period commences.
  • Prior to the end of the licence period you will be notified of the option for renewal.

The licensee can use limited excerpts from the Consumer report that relate to their specific product model in their advertising and promotion of that product. All excerpts must be approved by Consumer NZ before publication.

The Consumer Recommends brandmark refers to a specific product or service, rather than a brand or company. All usage of the endorsement brandmark must be approved by Consumer NZ prior to use.

There is no limit as long as it is used in accordance with the criteria outlined within the endorsement agreement and is approved by Consumer NZ prior to use.

We select products for testing based on market research and we buy products from stores just like consumers do. We do not accept free or discounted products from businesses or manufacturers for testing.

We do like to keep up to date with what is happening in the marketplace, so if you have a new product or service you think we might be interested in, please email Your email will be forwarded to our Research and Testing team.

If you wish to discuss the Consumer Recommends endorsement programme further, please contact:

Derek Bonnar
General Manager – Business
Phone: 021 486 330

Our programmes

We award Consumer Recommends, People’s Choice and Top Brand endorsements, as well as accredit businesses as part of our Consumer Trusted programme.

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