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People’s Choice

What is People’s Choice?

Our People’s Choice awards recognise products and services that stand out for customer satisfaction.

Awards are based on our customer satisfaction surveys, conducted with either our members or a representative sample of the New Zealand population.

Our criteria

A brand must have at least 30 responses in our survey to be eligible for the award. For categories with no clear winners or no brands that meet our benchmark, we don’t award People’s Choice. We also won’t make an award if we have concerns about the company’s compliance with consumer law or standards of commercial practice.

Our licence programme

A People’s Choice licence is available for any product or service that has been awarded People’s Choice status. A licence enables a brand to use the award in its advertising and promotion alongside relevant products and services.

The list of brands that hold a current licence to use the People’s Choice award brandmark is available below and is published in Consumer magazine.

All applications of the award brandmark are approved by Consumer NZ prior to use and meet our brand usage guidelines.

FAQs for consumers

Brands awarded People’s Choice status are eligible to purchase a non-exclusive licence to use the award brandmark in their advertising and promotion. People’s Choice is awarded annually or bi-annually depending on the product or service category.

The licence programme was launched to reward excellence by enabling brands to advertise and promote that they have been awarded People’s Choice status. Many companies already refer to our research. However, the references are sometimes incorrect, out-of-date or without our permission. A licensing arrangement allows us to more effectively manage this.

Our independence is what sets us apart from other organisations. We select products for testing based on market research. Manufacturers, distributors and service providers that have received awards and/or have purchased a licence have no involvement in our research and testing programme.

Consumer NZ reserves the right to withdraw a People’s Choice award from a product or service if appropriate.

Our work is funded by member fees, revenue from the Consumer Recommends, Top Brand and People’s Choice licence programmes, the Consumer Trusted accreditation programme and contract work, mostly with government departments. All revenue from our licence programmes is used to increase the scope of our research, testing and advocacy work.

If you are concerned about a brand being promoted without a licence, feel the award brandmark is being used in a confusing manner, or wish to ask any questions about the licence programme, please email us on info@consumer.org.nz.

Licensed product and service providers

FAQs for businesses

People’s Choice status is awarded to products and services that perform strongly in overall satisfaction from Consumer NZ surveys. The licence programme allows you to celebrate this and communicate it to your customers and retailer network.

A licence allows you to use the People’s Choice brandmark in a variety of ways – print, online, TV, radio, point of sale, packaging and other advertising, and promotion executions approved by Consumer NZ.

Please contact our General Manager – Business, Derek Bonnar, at derek@consumer.org.nz or 021 486 330.

People’s Choice is awarded annually or bi-annually depending on the product or service category. The period of the licence is usually 12 months.

Licences will only be granted when the People’s Choice status is current. Eligibility for a licence is at the discretion of Consumer NZ.

Once People’s Choice status has been awarded to your product or service, you will be notified by Consumer NZ. Or you can contact our General Manager – Business, Derek Bonnar (derek@consumer.org.nz), anytime.

  • You are a supplier whose product(s) or service(s) have been awarded People’s Choice status.
  • You notify Consumer NZ you wish to buy a licence.
  • The date of commencement for the licence period is agreed.
  • The contract is drawn up and sent out with your award brandmark files.
  • Your promotional material is submitted for approval to Consumer NZ.
  • Your licence fee is paid and your licence period commences.

The licensee can use limited excerpts from Consumer reports relating to the product or service for which they have been awarded People’s Choice in their advertising and promotion. All excerpts must be approved by Consumer NZ before publication.

There is no limit as long as it is used in accordance with the criteria outlined within the licence agreement and is approved by Consumer NZ prior to use.

If you wish to discuss the People’s Choice licence programme further, please contact:

Derek Bonnar
General Manager – Business
Phone: 021 486 330
Email: derek@consumer.org.nz

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Our licence programmes

We award Consumer Recommends, People’s Choice and Top Brand based on our independent lab testing and member surveys of product reliability and owner satisfaction. We also assess and accredit businesses as Consumer Trusted if they meet our strict criteria. A licence enables a product or brand to use these awards in its advertising and promotion.

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