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Here are some common questions our contact centre gets asked. If you can't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.


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This indicates we already have you in our database. Please login with your email address and password. If you require a new password, select Forgot your password? and follow the instructions. Once you have successfully logged in, visit My Consumer where you will find the option to view My Membership.

As you start to enter your address, you will notice address options appearing for you to select. Please select your address, which will then auto-fill the full address into the greyed out areas.

This section is linked to NZ Post’s website to ensure we have only NZ Post-compliant addresses. If your address doesn’t appear or you’re having difficulty entering your address, send us an email with your correct address details and we’ll get it updated for you.

Your email address may need to be authenticated. If you haven’t received an authentication email, please email or call us for assistance.

This is just an authorisation and not a charge. It is done to make sure your card is valid and it will disappear after a few days.

Logging in

Select Log in located at the top of the page. A login form will appear. Enter your email address and password, then select Sign in.

Email is the email address you supplied for your Consumer membership.

On the login page, select Forgot your password?, enter your email address and select Reset password.

A Reset Password email will be sent to you. This email will contain a link to consumer.org.nz. You will be asked to enter a new password and then to confirm your new password by re-entering it.

If an email hasn’t arrived within 5 minutes, check your junk/spam email folder or call us on 0800 266 786 for assistance.

Our passwords need to be at least 8 characters long and contain an upper case letter, a lower case letter and a number. Reset Password links will only work once; if you make an error and need a new Reset Password link, visit the login section and request another Reset Password email.

Please check the email address you have entered is the same email address you entered when joining Consumer NZ.

The link in each Reset Password email will only work once.

Please visit the login section and select Forgot your Password?. Enter your email address to receive a new Reset Password email. Please delete old Reset Password emails to prevent any confusion.

Visit My Consumer and select Edit under My Profile, or call us on 0800 266 786 for assistance.

You can use the shortcut to My Consumer by selecting the head and shoulders icon found on the top right of the website.

Using our website

As you view the full product list, you can refine by using the Sort by and Refine by functions. When you have identified the products you would like to compare, select the box that says Select to compare for each product – this can be found on individual product pages and the product list. A green Compare button will appear. Select one of these green buttons to go to a product compare page. This is where you can compare products using all the information we have available on them.

Note: If you are on the product overview page, select View all to be taken to the product list.

You will need to use your internet browser’s print function to print reports.

Tip: Did you know you can view reports on your smartphone so you don’t need to print out our test results before you go shopping?

If you’re unable to find a supplier of a tested product, please email us or fill out a feedback form and we’ll let you know where it can be purchased from.

When you are in the product list, select a specific product. You can now select the review tab (it looks like a kiwi in a circle), which is found on the right-hand side of the page if you’re using a desktop computer or tablet. On a mobile phone, it is at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, select Write a review.

Our test reports are frequently updated as more products come on to the market and go through our testing programme. For example, every month or so we will update our dishwashers report with some new products. This means we don’t necessarily update every product at once, which is why we don’t put a date on a product overview page. You can find out how up-to-date a product’s information is by selecting that specific product. You will then see the date it was last updated above its name.

Accessing our website quickly

Instead of typing in consumer.org.nz in your smartphone’s web browser, create a handy shortcut on your home screen.


Open your phone’s web browser (Safari) and go to our website. Select the icon of a rectangle with an arrow at the bottom of your screen. Then select “Add to home screen”. You can rename the page if you’d like, then hit “add”.


Open your internet browser or use the Google search bar to go to our website. Select “MORE” at the top right of the screen, then “Add shortcut on home screen”.

If you use Chrome, select the menu button, then “Add to home screen”.

My Consumer

Once you have logged in, select the head and shoulders icon at the top right of the page.

You membership will only expire if your membership payment is not made. To see when you next payment is due, go to My Consumer and then My Membership.

Go to My Consumer and then My Membership to view when your next membership payment is due.

You can cancel your membership by going to My Consumer then My Membership and selecting Cancel. When cancelling, your membership will finish at the end of your paid-up period.

If you get a message asking you to contact us, please call us on 0800 266 786 to ensure your membership is cancelled.

Go to My Consumer then My payment details and select Update credit card details. Once you have updated your details, select Update credit card details to save changes.

Go to My Consumer and select Edit under My Profile. Once you have completed updating your details, select Update details to save your changes.

To make any changes to your membership, go to My Consumer then My Membership. If the membership option you wish to change to is not available, please email or call us for assistance.

If you require a tax receipt, email or call us and we’ll get one to you.

Visit My Consumer. Under My Profile you will find My contact preferences. The ticked boxes indicate what emails you receive. Just unselect the emails you no longer wish to receive.

Members who receive the magazine now see 2 payments on their statements. The due amount is now separated into a membership fee and a magazine fee.

Memberships can be paid monthly or annually. Memberships paid monthly can only be paid by credit card. Memberships paid annually can be paid by cheque, direct debit or internet banking. For bank account details or more information, please email or call us.

Enter “Terms and Conditions” into the Search box in the top right corner or select Terms & Conditions, which is located in the footer of all pages.

Please call us on 0800 266 786 for assistance.


Magazines are posted in the first week of each month.

The December magazine is a joint December/January issue. No issue is sent in January.

If you haven’t received your magazine by the 10th of the month, you can visit My Consumer to check what address you have under your membership details. For further assistance, please contact us.