Technology within a futuristic city landscape.

IFA Berlin tech show 2019

IFA Berlin (6-11 September) is one of the world's leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances (IFA is a German acronym for “International Radio Exhibition”). It’s the largest show in Europe and as such, companies use it as a vehicle to launch new products.

Our tech writer, Hadyn Green, is attending this year’s event to bring you the latest trends in consumer tech.


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The evolution of personal transport

Tech writer Hadyn Green looks at the unexpected players getting into the personal transport market, and what that means for consumers.

Why tech sales decline is good news for consumers

Better tech at lower prices may be on the cards.

Samsung goes modular with new appliances

Its new range includes a modular fridge and TV, plus a folding smartphone.

Nokia’s new phone range includes Flip and Tough models

Nokia’s first-ever appearance at IFA was an important one.