Our calculators

Our calculators make it easy to work out what's best for your finances. Here's where to find them on our website.


Our car insurance and travel insurance calculators will save a lot of ringing around. Just enter some information about the cover you need and the calculators will show you what kind of premium you can expect to pay with a range of providers.

Our life insurance calculator gives an estimate of how much you should insure your life for.

Heating and energy

Thinking of getting a new woodburner? Check out our woodburner calculator to know what size you need and then head to our firewood calculator to work out which type is wood is the best value for money.

Our heat pump calculator tells you what size would be best for your home, while our heater calculator will work out the right capacity to go with.

If you're considering changing to energy-saving lightbulbs, our lightbulb calculator will show you how much you can expect to save.


Our ultra-fast broadband calculator just needs to know a bit about your downloading habits to tell you how long you'll be downloading content for.

Use the printer running costs calculator to work out how much a printer you're thinking about buying will really cost you over 3 years.


Tell our bank fees calculator some info about the types of transactions you make and it'll let you compare what the banks will charge in fees. The credit cards reward calculator lets you see if all that points collecting is worth the effort.

Buying your first home?

Our mortgage repayment calculator will show what you can expect to pay each fortnight or month. Then check out how much getting rid of your renter status will save you in the long-run using our 'rent or buy' calculator.

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