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Are you after a freestanding or built-in oven? We can help you decide and then show you which models scored highest in our cooking tests.


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Freestanding ovens

We've tested simple electric freestanding ovens as well as dual-fuel ovens that offer the instant high heat of a gas stovetop and reliability of an electric oven.

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Built-in ovens

We've put single and combi-steam built-in ovens through a range of everyday cooking tests, and found out how easy the ovens are to use and clean.

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Microwave ovens

We’ve tested a range of standard and combination microwave ovens. Find out how they rated.

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Benchtop ovens

If you’re cooking for one or space is tight, a benchtop oven may be a useful addition to your kitchen. We tested compact ovens and glass convection models.

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