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Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday on our Facebook page, we’re posting a tip about your consumer rights.
Here’s what we’ve shared so far.

Tip 4: What if I don’t have a receipt?

No receipt? There are other ways to prove you’ve bought something.

If you’ve lost a receipt, don’t give up on returning an item – there are other ways to prove you bought it.

  1. Find a record of the purchase on your bank statement.
  2. Ask if the store has a record of your purchase.
  3. Use a statement from someone who was with you when you made the purchase.
  4. If you used a loyalty card, your purchase may be recorded on it.

Tip 3: What if it’s out of warranty?

Out of warranty? You’re not out of luck.

The Consumer Guarantees Act means you don’t have to rely on the manufacturer’s warranty.

A Vodafone employee recently got this wrong. He told one of our members, “when your device no longer has a warranty, any and all issues with it are your own liability”. After we intervened, Vodafone apologised.

Tip 2: Who’s responsible if an item arrives damaged?

Complain to the retailer, not the courier, about damaged goods.

When a retailer agrees to deliver goods you’ve bought, it has to ensure the goods get to you on time and in acceptable condition. If an item is damaged, you’re entitled to ask the retailer to fix the problem. It can’t just blame the courier.

If the good can’t be repaired to the condition it was in before it was damaged, the Consumer Guarantees Act gives you the right to claim a replacement of the same type and similar value, or a refund.

Tip 1: What can you do if a product is faulty?

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