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Travel insurance guide

We’ve put together this downloadable guide (3.15 MB) with all you need to know before boarding the plane. You can also read it by making your way through the pages below.

So you’re heading overseas? Bon voyage! But before you go, make sure you get comprehensive travel insurance. It could prove as important as your passport or plane ticket.

Accidents can happen while you’re overseas – even if you’re visiting a “safe” destination. If your trip goes south, you could be saddled with an enormous bill for medical, legal and other expenses. The New Zealand Government won’t bail you out.

That’s why comprehensive travel insurance is crucial. It covers your medical costs and personal liability. It can also compensate you if your belongings go missing or you need to cancel or change a travel booking.

However, it’s important to note travel insurance doesn’t cover every eventuality and there are conditions you must meet before your insurer pays out. So before you jump on that jet plane, let’s go over the basics.