What you get with a Consumer NZ membership

We’re all about getting New Zealanders a fair deal and supporting you to make smart decisions. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to explain what you get with a membership to Consumer NZ, so you can take away the facts and choose with confidence. As a Consumer NZ member you can:

See the results of our product tests

Access thousands of product tests whenever you like. From car seats to clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, there’s not much we haven’t tested.

As a member you can get ongoing access to our website from just $12 per month. If you want to join with no ongoing obligation, you can purchase a 7-day Digital Pass.

Read our investigations and surveys into topics that shape your everyday life
Whether it’s food and nutrition or heating and energy, we investigate the topics that matter to you most. We’ll share with you the results of our research and surveys so you can make the right choices.

Use our Consumer Advice Line
Have you ever felt let down by a retailer or service provider? From repairs to returns, replacements and warranties, we’ll make sure you know your rights. Simply call or send us an email.

Be kept informed
Unless you tell us not to, we’ll keep you informed with our weekly “What’s New” email so you can make the most of your membership with us. And, if you tell us what you like to read about, we’ll point you in the direction of information we think you might be interested in.