Are we paying too much for groceries?

About the campaign

High prices + high profits = New Zealand’s supermarket industry.

Kiwi consumers face one of the most concentrated supermarket industries in the world, with just two big players, Countdown and Foodstuffs (owner of the New World and Pak’nSave brands).

Despite this, the industry hasn’t had a lot of scrutiny. We’ve been campaigning for that to change.

We’ve made progress: the Commerce Commission is investigating the supermarket sector. Its draft report confirms what we suspected: consumers are paying high prices for their groceries.

We’ll be making a submission on the report, supporting changes to fix the market and make sure consumers get a fair deal.

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Have you been misled by a less than “special” supermarket deal? Have you got examples of confusing pricing from your local supermarket? Support our campaign for fair supermarket prices by sending your examples to

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