We're on a mission to reduce the e-waste mountain of broken appliances. We want to help you repair your faulty stuff, replace your dead appliances and devices with longer-lasting models, and ensure retailers and manufacturers are making better products. Our Built to Last campaign will work to ensure fewer appliances end up as e-waste.

Repair your faulty stuff

We'll publish resources to help you repair your faulty appliances, so you can keep using them for longer. We'll produce guides to help you maintain your appliances, report what commonly goes wrong, show you how to fix the faults, and guide you to where you can find parts, tools and expert repair services.

Choose longer-lasting appliances and devices

We'll provide advice about which appliances last longer, so you can choose brands that make durable and repairable models.

Advocate for better

We'll challenge retailers and manufacturers to make more durable and repairable appliances, and provide spare parts at a reasonable cost. We will congratulate good brands, call out bad, and support those who try to improve.

We’re kicking off by focusing on vacuum cleaners, and we will extend our work to other appliances and technology products as the project evolves.

Help reduce e-waste

Help reduce e-waste

Built to last donate

Help reduce e-waste

We can all do our bit. Our role is to fearlessly advocate for manufacturers and retailers to make and sell better products. We’ll also provide practical, expert advice so you don’t need to replace broken appliances so often. Can you help with a regular or one-off donation?