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Help us get a fairer deal for all consumers.

Consumer NZ is independent and non-profit. We investigate issues, test products and campaign to get laws changed to benefit all consumers. Since 1959, we’ve been dedicated to getting New Zealand consumers a fairer deal.


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We're not government-funded, so our work depends on the generous support of our members and the public. Donations of $5 or more are tax-deductible and donation revenue is never spent on administration.


Where your money goes

Your donation will be managed by the Consumer Foundation, a registered charity:

  • To fund research projects and education programmes that ensure the welfare of consumers and raise public awareness of consumer issues. For example, our Do Not Knock campaign targeting door-to-door sellers.

  • To promote change by presenting evidence on issues that matter to consumers. For example, our survey results confirmed the voluntary approach to country-of-origin labelling wasn’t giving consumers the facts they needed to make informed choices.

  • To represent consumers by funding our participation on committees that have an interest in consumer affairs.

History of the Foundation

The Consumer Foundation, formed in 2010, incorporates the Emily Carpenter Consumer Charitable Trust, established in 1994 with funds from a bequest by the late Emily Carpenter CMG BHSc.

Emily was one of the New Zealand consumer movement’s most dedicated and longest-serving participants.

Board of trustees

The Consumer Foundation board of trustees is chaired by former privacy commissioner and Consumer NZ board member Marie Shroff.

Other Foundation board members include former Consumer NZ chief executive David Russell, current chief executive Sue Chetwin, and Consumer NZ board members Sue Kedgley and Joseph Liava'a.

You can donate here. Or to make an ongoing donation, discuss a bequest or a donation to support a specific project, please contact:

Suzanne Chetwin
Secretary and Treasurer
Consumer Foundation
PO Box 932
Wellington 6140

Donations of $5 or more are tax-deductible and donation revenue is never spent on administration.