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If you're passionate about protecting consumer rights in New Zealand, consider remembering us through a gift in your will.

Leaving a legacy

A lot has changed since we formed in 1959, but our commitment to making things better for consumers has never wavered. If you are equally passionate about protecting consumer rights in New Zealand and would like to see our work continue, you may like to consider remembering us through a gift in your will.


Despite being a small not-for-profit, we get wins. We regularly go up against big companies with deeper pockets and more resources than us. We were instrumental in the introduction of the Consumer Guarantees Act, amendments to the Fair Trading Act, pressuring banks to stop charging you a fee for using other banks’ ATMs, protecting our whānau with a mandatory sunscreen safety standard, helping consumers get reimbursed for flight disruptions, and plenty more.

We are sincerely grateful for the long-standing, loyal support of our members and donors to help us achieve these wins. And any donation to Consumer, big or small, makes a real difference to what we can achieve to stand up for the consumer rights of all New Zealanders. Together, there’s so much more we can do.

Making a bequest

A bequest is a gift specified in your will. You don’t need a new will to add a bequest to Consumer NZ. You can simply make an addition to your will, known as a ‘codicil’, to include Consumer NZ. A codicil, once signed, witnessed and returned to your solicitor, is a formal addition to the principal will and allows for simple adjustments to be made if required.

Bequests are welcome in any amount. You may have a preference for the way your bequest to Consumer NZ will be used, such as making a gift in memory of a particular person, or you may want to specify how the money is used. We are very happy to discuss your ideas so we can help you find practical ways to achieve your wishes.

You should consult your legal adviser when making a will or when adding a codicil to your existing will, to ensure it fully represents your wishes, and complies with all legal requirements.

You don’t have to tell us if you have made, or intend to make, a bequest to Consumer NZ in your will. But if you want to tell us, we’d be happy to hear from you. We can then thank and acknowledge you, and keep you informed about what Consumer NZ is doing.

All personal information received by Consumer NZ about you will be treated in the strictest confidence and we will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous. You can also make a donation directly on our Donations page.

Donation revenue is never spent on administration or projects that aren’t accessible by all consumers. Your contribution will help:

  • fund research and investigations;

  • raise awareness of consumer issues;

  • represent consumers with business and government; and

  • advocate and campaign for positive consumer change.

Bequests and donations are managed by Consumer NZ, a registered charity (CC35296). You may be eligible to claim a tax credit for a donation of $5 or more.

For more information about making a bequest or donation please contact:

Jennifer van den Eykel, executive assistant to the Chief Executive

Phone: 0800 CONSUMER (0800 266 786)
Email: [email protected]
Post: PO Box 932, Wellington 6140

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