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What does it mean to be a consumer in 2021? And when did "consumption" become a dirty word? Consume This unpacks the big issues facing New Zealanders today: from fast fashion and the housing market, to the world of data privacy and more.

Join hosts Consumer NZ CEO Jon Duffy and social good champion Sophie Richardson as they tackle the burning issues of our time with expert guest commentators and everyday New Zealanders.

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Episode 3: Should You Stop Eating Red Meat?

We regularly hear through the media that farting cows are melting the ice caps, so are climate change concerns driving us to eat less flesh? If the answer is yes, are meat alternatives any better for the environment?

Episode 2: My House Earns More Than Me

Is it harder than ever to buy a first home? (Short answer: yes, obviously.) We look at why home ownership is so important to us, what’s happening with the market, and what the future of home ownership could look like in New Zealand.

Episode 1: Can You Buy Sustainable Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion gets a bad name when it comes to sustainability. With a dizzying number of brands like H&M and ASOS releasing “sustainable” and “conscious” clothing lines, is it possible to make environmentally friendly purchases that don't hurt the hip pocket?

Introducing Consume This

Meet the hosts

Jon Duffy Jon Duffy
Broadcasting from the hinterlands of Karori, the Consumer NZ CEO tells it like it is.
Sophie Richardson Sophie Richardson
Ko Te Ahuahu tōna maunga, ko Omapere tōna roto, ko Te Uri Taniwha tōna hapū, ko Ngapuhi tōna iwi.

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Member comments

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David S.
10 Sep 2021

I personally support the use of Te Reo. What I am not sure about is whether it was my hearing and Sophie dropped the F bomb (or something sounding like it) at the end of the episode on housing when describing how hard it is to save. It may have been an unfortunate expletive and whilst I am not averse to it in general, it does have a time and a place - just not in this forum.
Otherwise, this is a great initiative.

Maggie D.
14 Sep 2021
The f bomb

Agreed - was that necessary, if one assumes that a presenter would have an adequate vocabulary range?

Noreen M.
07 Sep 2021
Sophie Richardson

I love that you wrote in your own language I am learning a few Maori words,dont let anyone put you off.
Its good for the brain.

Michael K.
07 Sep 2021
Mike K.

So, I have a smart phone. How do I listen to a podcast?

Valerie B.
07 Sep 2021
Where is the traditional podcast RSS feed?

for example the direct XML feeds here

No need to direct listeners to commercial advertisers google, apple or spotify

Frank - Consumer staff
07 Sep 2021
Re: Where is the traditional podcast RSS feed?

Hi Valerie,

We've added the RSS feed URL. Enjoy!

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Linas J.
08 Sep 2021
Added RSS where?

Hi, thanks for taking us users of other podcast applications (mine is BeyondPod) into consideration, however I cannot find RSS link anywhere on this page.

Frank - Consumer staff
10 Sep 2021
Re: Added RSS where?

Hi Linas,

My apologies, it should be there now.

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Allison D.
07 Sep 2021

This is a great initiative, I look forward to listening. And thanks also for your mihi Sophie, straightforward and clear for the 90% who respect and encourage the use of Te Reo Maori and who wish to grow understanding of the language.

Kenneth M.
07 Sep 2021
Sophie Richardson

On reading the bio for the presenters of the podcasts, I was frustrated and annoyed by Sophie’s . I haven’t a clue what she wrote and I would think 90% of New Zealanders hadn’t either.

Gordon W.
07 Sep 2021
Sophie Richardson

Further to Kenneth M's comment, count me in with the 90%.
At the very least this should have been a bi-lingual translation.
Consumer, kindly take note!

Colin P.
07 Sep 2021
Sophie Richardson

It aroused my curiosity so Google helpfully translated it for me. I've learned a bit of lockdown Te Reo. Thanks Sophie
"Its mountain is Te Ahuahu, its lake is Omapere, its hapū is Te Uri Taniwha, and its people are Ngapuhi"