Community guidelines

Consumer NZ's community guidelines.

These guidelines outline the ground rules for taking part in the Consumer NZ website ( community (Community).

The Community areas include user comments and reviews on our reports and news items on, user ratings of products and services, and other channels for users to interact.

Community moderation

Our website is designed with review, comment and share functionality to allow interaction between users on current topics of consumer interest.

Consumer NZ may review Community contributions and moderate, where necessary, to maintain focus, assist with references to our information, remove possible defamatory or abusive comments, and to ensure that our guidelines are respected.

We encourage in-depth exploration of important consumer issues among users, and our experts may join in occasionally to add new information and perspective. However, our staff will not always be available for extended dialogue.

We reserve the right to remove or edit any comments from that we believe breach our guidelines, and to remove user access rights to where we think it is necessary.

Community rules

Show respect to others

Be polite and respect different points of view. Please do not swear or use insulting or offensive language. This applies to posts or replies, and any contact with Consumer NZ staff or other Consumer NZ users. Be aware that what you consider ironic or witty may not always seem so to others.

Stay on the topic

Please ensure that your posts are relevant to the topic under discussion.

No commercial promotion

You are welcome to post your views on specific products and services on but you cannot use to promote or advertise any products or services. If you have a commercial or financial interest in a product or service under discussion, you should disclose this in every post you make.

Use your judgement

We can't vouch for the accuracy or quality of comments posted on You must use your own judgement to assess the usefulness of what you read there.


Post only material that is yours, or material that you have the express permission of the copyright owner to post.


We do not allow comments that promote unsafe practices or information.

No spamming or malicious links

The same or similar messages posted more than once may be considered spam and removed. Please do not post links to objectionable or irrelevant sites, or malicious code.

Reporting abuse

If you see a comment you believe breaches these guidelines, please notify us by emailing or call customer services on 0800 266 786.

Privacy and legal matters


When you submit a comment on, your username is shown with your comment. You can set up or change your username in your My Consumer profile at any time.

We do not publicly display any other personal information on We strongly advise that you do not post your email address, home address, or phone number as part of your contributions on See our privacy policy for more information.

Use of your posts

Any messages you post on may be used by Consumer NZ. We reserve the right to copy or quote them here or in other media.

New Zealand laws apply

New Zealand laws apply to our contributions to our Community. Please do not suggest or encourage illegal activity.