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  • Consumer NZ test finds 6 out of 7 trampolines unsafe 20 Dec 2017
    Only 1 trampoline met all the critical safety checks in a test by Consumer NZ. Of 7 models tested, only the Springfree, a soft-edge trampoline with its frame and springs beneath the jumping mat, passed all impact, structural and entrapment tests.
  • 10 ways to shop smart this silly season 18 Dec 2017
    Still doing your Christmas shopping, or planning to head to the Boxing Day sales? Here's how to shop smart these holidays.
  • Retail giants need to sort out their service 08 Dec 2017
    If you’re craving a pleasant shopping experience this Christmas, you’re more likely to find it at the little guys than at the big chain stores.
  • Fund launched to tackle rest home complaints 05 Dec 2017
    Consumer NZ has opened a new fund to help consumers take complaints against rest homes to the Disputes Tribunal.
  • Sunscreens test shows need for regulation 01 Dec 2017
    Consumer NZ’s latest test of sunscreens highlights New Zealand’s situation of classifying sunscreens as cosmetics is not protecting consumers and needs to change.
  • 2017 Bad Taste Food Awards winners announced 30 Nov 2017
    Consumer NZ has announced this year’s recipients of the Bad Taste Food Awards.
  • Winners announced in the 12th Plain English Awards 24 Nov 2017
    Utilities Disputes was the big winner at the 2017 Plain English Awards held at the Royal Society Te Apārangi in Wellington last night.
  • We’re calling for added sugar labelling 21 Nov 2017
    Consumer NZ and the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) are asking the government to back new rules for the labelling of added sugars in food and drinks.
  • Sunscreens removed from sale after Consumer test 17 Nov 2017
    Two sunscreens have been withdrawn from sale following a Consumer NZ test that found the products failed to provide the protection claimed.
  • Rest home ordered to pay $10,000 for law breaches 08 Nov 2017
    Major rest home provider Bupa Care Services has been ordered to pay $10,000 by the Disputes Tribunal after failing to deliver reasonable standards of care to a 92-year-old woman who resided at its St Kilda Care Home in Cambridge.
  • Not all fly sprays get the job done 03 Nov 2017
    If you’re after a “natural” fly spray, you’ll be disappointed. The only fly spray containing natural pyrethrins in a Consumer NZ test left more than 80% of flies still alive.
  • Antihistamines cost double at some pharmacies 5 Oct 2017
    Allergy sufferers can slash their antihistamine bill in half by shopping around, a Consumer NZ investigation has found.
  • Bad Taste Food Awards open for nominations 2 Oct 2017
    Consumer NZ wants nominations for its Bad Taste Food Awards. Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says the awards highlight food companies marketing their products as better choices than they really are.
  • Companies still flouting consumer laws 13 Sep 2017
    A marked rise in Fair Trading Act complaints shows consumer rights are being ignored by too many retailers, Consumer NZ says.
  • We've made broadband comparison easy 13 Sep 2017
    Want to know if you’re on the cheapest broadband plan? Then go to Consumer NZ’s new website
  • The Tile Depot gets Consumer Trusted tick 12 Sep 2017
    The Tile Depot is the latest company to be accredited under the Consumer Trusted programme.
  • Time for clampdown on ticket resellers 30 Aug 2017
    Inflated prices, hidden fees and misleading sales tactics have been identified as major problems in the ticket resale market, in a joint investigation by Consumer NZ and Australian consumer group Choice.
  • No vitamin benefits from light-proof milk 11 Aug 2017
    Despite claims light-proofed containers protect the vitamins in milk, Consumer NZ testing reveals there’s little difference in nutrient content between major milk brands.
  • Flick awarded People’s Choice 08 Aug 2017
    Flick Electric Co. has topped Consumer NZ’s annual energy retailer customer satisfaction survey and has been named its People’s Choice award winner.
  • Duty-free products not always cheaper 07 Aug 2017
    A survey of 33 duty-free items finds only 10 are cheaper at duty-free stores than other retailers.
  • Sneaky fees petition – press kit 02 Aug 2017
    Ten thousand people have put their name to Consumer NZ’s online petition calling for law changes to clamp down on misleading pricing practices.
  • Top-priced stockings not top performer 27 Jul 2017
    Consumer NZ’s latest test of stockings found you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a decent pair of tights this winter.
  • Big powercos fail to impress customers 6 Jul 2017
    A Consumer NZ survey of customer satisfaction with energy providers has found the big 5 powercos continue to deliver underwhelming service.
  • Consumer NZ issues dating site warning 28 Jun 2017
    Consumer NZ advises people to avoid dating site Private Event (
  • Broadband Compare Awards launched 14 Jun 2017
    The inaugural Broadband Compare Awards launched this week in response to the increasingly diversified sector of more than 100 internet providers offering services across the country.
  • Consumer supporting Safer Homes Event 26 May 2017
    Consumer NZ is supporting the inaugural Safer Homes Event being held in Wellington, 26 to 27 May 2017.
  • BNZ awarded People’s Choice 25 May 2017
    BNZ has topped the latest Consumer NZ KiwiSaver customer satisfaction survey. It has been named as the Consumer NZ 2017 People’s Choice award winner for KiwiSaver providers.
  • Pricing practices misleading shoppers 11 May 2017
    Consumer NZ welcomes the Commerce Commission’s announcement it’s targeting retailers’ misleading pricing practices.
  • Cold & flu remedies lack evidence 04 May 2017
    Expensive over-the-counter cold and flu remedies are often no more effective than paracetamol, honey and putting your feet up for a few days, says Consumer NZ.
  • Some emergency kits a recipe for disaster 28 Apr 2017
    A Consumer NZ report on pre-made emergency survival kits found most either lacked key items, contained gear of poor quality or weren’t good value.
  • NZ-owned banks win People’s Choice 24 Apr 2017
    Consumer NZ has given TSB Bank, The Co-operative Bank and Kiwibank 2017 People’s Choice awards for banking.
  • Consumer investigating ticket resellers 20 Apr 2017
    Consumer NZ is joining forces with consumer groups in Australia and the UK to investigate complaints about ticket reselling sites such as Viagogo and Ticketmaster Resale.
  • Country of origin labelling a step closer 13 Apr 2017
    Kiwis are one step closer to being able to identify where their fruit and veges come from after the Consumers’ Right to Know (Country of Origin of Food) Bill passed its first reading in Parliament yesterday.
  • Avoid this kitset building company 10 Apr 2017
    We’re warning consumers not to deal with Get Design and Sales, a kitset building company that operates websites, and
  • Gourmet salt claims may mislead 05 Apr 2017
    High-priced rock and sea salts promoted as healthier choices risk misleading consumers about their benefits, our report has found.
  • Sneaky fees costing shoppers millions 14 Mar 2017
    Consumers could be paying $68 million each year in extra fees retailers are adding to the advertised price of goods and services.
  • Kiwis back country of origin labelling 09 Mar 2017
    71% of Kiwis want mandatory country of origin labelling (CoOL) for fruit and vegetables. It’s a clear message to parliament the law needs to change.
  • Carpet Mill becomes Consumer Trusted 13 Feb 2017
    Carpet Mill is the latest company to be able to call itself Consumer Trusted. The Kiwi carpet-maker joins Flick Electric Co, Heartland Seniors Finance, Inspire Net, Resene ColorShop, Shoe Clinic, Skinny Mobile, Triton Hearing, and WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds in achieving the Consumer NZ accreditation.
  • Healthcare tops list of Kiwis’ concerns 31 Jan 2017
    Healthcare costs, rising house prices and water quality have emerged as Kiwi consumers’ biggest worries for the future in our latest survey.


  • Sort out insurance before you go 19 Dec 2016
    Insurance. It’s the last thing you want to think about with Christmas just around the corner. But between wrapping presents and packing bags, Consumer NZ says you should check your cover.
  • Campaign cracks down on health treatments 07 Dec 2016
    A new campaign looking to cut down the number of unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures carried out by health professionals has been launched in New Zealand today.
  • “Winners” of Bad Taste Awards announced 05 December 2016
    Consumer NZ has announced the “winners” of its inaugural Bad Taste Food Awards.
  • People’s Choice for Insurance announced 04 Nov 2016
    We’ve awarded Medical Assurance Society and FMG Insurance the 2016 People’s Choice awards for insurance.
  • Fitbit reliability results disappoint 27 Oct 2016
    More than a quarter of Fitbit fitness trackers bought in the past three years needed repair or replacement, our technology reliability survey has found.
  • $520 moisturiser fails to impress 19 Oct 2016
    Our test of moisturisers has found paying for a top-shelf cream doesn’t guarantee superior results.
  • Survey shines light on grocery “specials” 06 Oct 2016
    Our annual supermarket price survey has named Pak’nSave as the cheapest store in the six centres where prices were tracked.
  • “Bad Taste” food awards launched 05 Oct 2016
    Do the claims food marketers use to pass off products as “healthier” choices leave a bad taste in your mouth? Now’s your chance to call them out on their claims.
  • Retailers drop gift card expiry dates 26 Sep 2016
    Major retailers Countdown, Kathmandu and Noel Leeming are dropping 12-month expiry dates on their gift cards in response to a Consumer NZ campaign.
  • "Green" sunscreen company warned 19 Sep 2016
    Makers of a children’s sunscreen marketed as “organic” have been warned by the Commerce Commission following a complaint from Consumer NZ.
  • Shoppers want better sugar labelling 09 Sep 2016
    A Consumer NZ survey found the majority of shoppers want better labelling of added sugars in processed foods.
  • Cheap solar stick lights don’t shine 16 Aug 2016
    Solar-powered garden lights might be easy to install — you just stick them in the ground — and cost nothing to run, but our test of 25 outdoor lights found the cheapest ones only put out pitiful amounts of light.
  • Heartland Seniors Finance is Trusted 27 Jul 2016
    Heartland Seniors Finance has been accredited under Consumer NZ’s Consumer Trusted business programme.
  • Skinny Mobile is Consumer Trusted 11 Jul 2016
    Skinny Mobile is the latest business to be accredited under the Consumer Trusted business programme.
  • Fisher Funds wins People’s Choice 28 Jun 2016
    Fisher Funds, the largest New Zealand-owned and -operated KiwiSaver provider, has been named Consumer NZ’s 2016 People’s Choice award winner for KiwiSaver.
  • TSB is our People’s Choice winner 22 Jun 2016
    Taranaki stalwart business TSB Bank has won the 2016 Consumer NZ People’s Choice award for banking.
  • Beauty clinics wrongly removing skin lesions 15 Jun 2016
    A Consumer NZ mystery shop found seven beauty clinics willing to remove a raised skin spot, when our undercover shopper should have been sent to a GP.
  • Many kids’ cereals still high in sugar 13 Jun 2016
    Cereal manufacturers aren’t getting the message their kids’ products are too high in sugar. A Consumer NZ report has found sugar levels have changed little since it last looked at these products in 2013. Six cereals had even more than they used to, with one packing a 30 percent increase.
  • Funeral insurance comes at high price 07 Jun 2016
    Funeral insurance could be the most expensive way to pay for your final send-off, a Consumer NZ report shows.
  • Can an appliance be cheap and reliable? 24 May 2016
    How much do you need to spend to get a reliable dishwasher? $1000, $2000, even more? It might not be as much as you think, according to the latest appliance reliability survey from Consumer NZ.
  • Bank profits sore point for customers 19 May 2016
    Eighty-two percent of Kiwis believe the profits banks make show they’re charging too much, Consumer NZ’s latest bank satisfaction survey has found.
  • Jetstar forced to ditch the ticks 17 Mar 2016
    Jetstar has been forced to back down on opt-out pricing. The airline yesterday signed formal undertakings with the Commerce Commission agreeing to stop pre-ticking boxes for travel insurance, seat selection and check-in baggage.

  • Consumer groups put focus on fast food 15 Mar 2016
    Consumer organisations around the world are calling on major fast-food companies, McDonald’s, KFC and Subway, to make a global commitment to stop serving meat from animals raised with the routine use of antibiotics important to human medicine.

  • LG & Apple phones win Consumer NZ award 15 Mar 2016
    Apple and LG are winners of the 2016 Consumer NZ Top Brand awards for mobile phones.

  • Two telcos win People’s Choice award 23 Feb 2016
    Skinny Mobile and Inspire Net are the latest winners of Consumer NZ People’s Choice awards. Skinny Mobile won in the Mobile Service Provider category and Inspire Net in the ISP category.

  • Gyms risk breaching unfair terms ban 04 Feb 2016
    Consumer NZ is calling on gyms to get their membership contracts into shape.


  • Cheap sunnies can do the job 22 Dec 2015
    Protecting your eyes from the sun doesn’t have to cost the earth. A Consumer NZ test of 60 sunglasses, ranging in price from $2 to $270, found cheap sunnies that provided UV protection as good as that provided by expensive pairs.

  • Supermarket survey puts spotlight on prices 07 Dec 2015
    Consumer NZ’s annual supermarket price survey has put Pak’nSave in the lead for budget buys.

  • Plain English Award winner announced 20 Nov 2015
    International consultancy Castalia was the big winner at the 2015 Plain English Awards held at Wellington’s City Gallery last night.

  • Fraud Awareness Week kicks off 16 Nov 2015
    Fraud Awareness Week, which runs until 21 November, is targeting scammers who masquerade as legitimate companies to dupe consumers and small businesses out of their cash.

  • Mitre 10 and 100% Appliances get award 13 Nov 2015
    Home appliance and technology store 100% Appliances, and hardware and DIY store Mitre 10 have been awarded Consumer NZ’s 2015 People’s Choice Awards.

  • Best and worst retailers revealed 11 Nov 2015
    Consumer NZ has announced the best and worst performers from its 2015 retailer satisfaction survey.

  • Colour-care shampoo doesn’t fight fade 11 Nov 2015
    Supermarket shelves are full of shampoos for dyed hair, claiming they help fight colour fade, but a Consumer NZ test has found you’d be better off using just water to retain your colour.

  • Vinegar and baking soda beats 13 cleaners 06 Nov 2015
    Consumer NZ put 16 cleaners to the test and found only one to recommend. Surprisingly it found a home-made mixture of baking soda and white vinegar cleaned better than most manufactured cleaners.

  • Flushable wipe claims don’t wash 21 Oct 2015
    Consumer NZ wants manufacturers of flushable wipes to drop claims these products are “flushable”.

  • Announcing the finalists for the 2015 Plain English Awards 20 Oct 2015
    2015 is the tenth year of the WriteMark Plain English Awards. The Awards celebrate clear, concise documents and websites – and the people and organisations who create them. This year judges had 140 entries to read through, and a hard job choosing between them.

  • Flick Electric Co. and Triton Hearing receive Consumer Trusted accreditation 15 Oct 2015
    Consumer NZ is delighted to announce electricity provider Flick Electric Co. and hearing health care provider Triton Hearing have received Consumer Trusted accreditation.

  • Green cleaners no better than water 04 Sept 2015
    Manufacturers of laundry balls market them as an “environmentally friendly” cleaning option. But a Consumer NZ test has found you’d be better off saving your money and just using water to do your laundry.

  • Consumer groups take aim at Jetstar 13 Jul 2015
    Consumer NZ and CHOICE are campaigning to ditch the ticks.

  • Big power companies rate lowest 07 Jul 2015
    Big power companies received the lowest ratings for customer satisfaction in Consumer NZ’s latest annual survey.

  • Looking for NZ’s best & worst documents 01 Jul 2015
    We want the best and worst documents or webpages you’ve come across for entry into the People’s Choice category of the annual Plain English Awards.

  • 93 percent ticked off with Jetstar 22 Jun 2015
    A Consumer NZ survey found 93 percent of respondents want Jetstar to stop using pre-ticked boxes for travel insurance, seat selection and check-in baggage.

  • Enforcement key to new lending rules 05 Jun 2015
    New responsible lending rules that come into effect this week will need to be actively enforced to rein-in lenders who target vulnerable consumers.

  • Consumer NZ survey reveals the most reliable appliance brands 03 Jun 2015
    Products may have become more complex in the past decade but their reliability hasn’t suffered according to the latest Consumer NZ survey.

  • Consumer says ditch the ticks 20 May 2015
    Consumer NZ is calling on Jetstar to stop confusing customers and ditch the use of pre-ticked boxes that risk misleading people into paying for extras.

  • Time for a sunbed ban 07 May 2015
    A Consumer NZ mystery shop of 60 sunbed operators found more than 40 percent failed to implement key safety checks.

  • Help comes for elderly UFB customers 01 May 2015
    Consumer NZ has negotiated a deal with Slingshot to provide cheaper services to the residents of Marshall Court Apartments in Miramar, Wellington.

  • Our take on Global Mode fight 10 Apr 2015
    Recently, Lightbox (Spark), MediaWorks, SKY and TVNZ threatened Slingshot, Orcon, Bypass Network Services and other ISPs with legal action unless they cease operation of Global Mode and other similar services in New Zealand.

  • Be wary of extended warranties 02 Apr 2015
    A Consumer NZ mystery shop of big-box retailers has found sales staff promoting extended warranties with misleading claims.

  • Local banks rated the best for service 30 Mar 2015
    Consumer NZ’s latest bank survey found local banks achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Consumer NZ campaign targets unfair contract terms 16 Mar 2015
    Consumer NZ has launched a campaign to target the use of unfair terms in consumer contracts.

  • Enough of the ‘in-salts’ 16 Mar 2015
    When it comes to helping consumers make healthy food choices, highlighting the salt content of foods Kiwi kids love is a good place to start.

  • Air NZ warning a win for consumers 06 Mar 2015
    The move to stop Air New Zealand and other businesses using ‘opt out’ pricing is to be congratulated, Consumer NZ says.

  • Consumer, Cancer Society call for outright ban on sunbeds 25 Feb 2015
    Consumer NZ and the Cancer Society are calling for an outright ban on commercial sunbeds.

  • Putting our trust in the best 05 Feb 2015
    Our most recent survey of mobile providers found 2degrees was the stand-out performer.