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9 February 2024

People’s Choice winner LG impress their customers for 7 years

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LG has won the Consumer NZ People’s Choice award for 7 years in a row for its fridge-freezers.

The People's Choice Award recognises brands that stand out in people’s feedback and Consumer’s expert evaluations. To qualify for the award, a brand must have highly satisfied customers, make reliable products and get positive reviews from the Consumer testing team.

“The People's Choice Award is a valuable seal of approval for shoppers. When a brand holds the award, you can be sure that testing results for its performance are statistically robust and significantly higher than the average for that category,” says Jon Duffy, CE of Consumer.

Owners of LG fridge-freezers are the most satisfied

Consumer’s independent surveying found that owners of LG fridge-freezers were the most satisfied with their appliance, and the most likely to repurchase the same brand.

“Of the 51 fridge-freezers we’ve tested, only 11 of them received the People’s Choice award, and 8 of those were LG models.

"Clearly, LG is a reliable choice for those in the market for a fridge-freezer.”

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LG TV’s are among the most reliable

“The last thing you want as the owner of a new television is for it to develop a fault. Our results show that 91% of LG TV owners say they haven’t had problems or faults with their LG TV in the last 5 years.

“On average, LG televisions cost more than their competitors’, but LG customers were the most satisfied with their TV. They were also most likely to repurchase from LG again.”

Duffy says it’s great to see brands like LG win a People’s Choice award for 7 consecutive years.

“The larger impact here is that the loyalty LG has built with its customers inadvertently sets the standard for other businesses to compete, innovate and delight their customers too.

“From the consumer perspective, that’s a win-win.”

Learn about the People's Choice award.

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