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Media release
30 July 2021

Consumer NZ product tests find that lower price doesn't always equal lower quality

Consumer NZ’s independent product testing has found that the correlation between low price and low quality doesn't always apply. From basic household appliances to the latest mobile technology, differences in price and quality are demonstrated in nearly every product category. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Consumer NZ testing found the Sebo K3 Premium ranked the highest out of 47 vacuums with an overall testing score of 85%, retailing at $1,595. The Henry Original HVR200R ranks close to the Sebo at 80% yet is more than $1,000 cheaper at $529.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is priced at $3399 and earned 73% in Consumer NZ testing. In comparison, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9T retails for a much lower price of $399 and also scored 73%, the same as the Samsung. Minus the novelty of a foldable screen, it performs comparably.

In Consumer NZ's 2020 technology survey, Xiaomi phones were more reliable, and more of their owners were very satisfied than those who owned Samsung models.

“It’s right to think you usually get what you pay for, but that’s not always the case. Don’t assume that a prestige brand with a higher price will guarantee the best product. Do your research, read reviews chat to friends and family about their experiences and seek out independent advice. Consumer NZ has free buying guides that can help with the decision-making process," Consumer NZ product test manager Paul Smith said.

"We see the trappings of the price-quality perception magnified when it comes to tech devices. The Samsung has a lot of technology behind that foldable screen, but you could get similar day-to-day use from a less expensive model and save a few thousand dollars.”

Consumer NZ research found pricing was the number one consideration when making a product purchase, followed by perceived quality.

Comprehensive buying guides and independent comparative test results are available at for a wide range of products.

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