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2 February 2024

10 of the worst-scoring products on our website

Our testing uncovered these 10 dud products being sold in New Zealand. Even if they’re on special, we reckon you’re better off avoiding them.

Breville LAP158WHT - $284

Overall score: 43

Image of an air purifier

We gave this air purifier a performance score of just 27, based on how terrible it was at removing the things it’s meant to from the air. It was easy to use though, so its overall score got bumped up to a paltry 43.

Not all air purifiers fail to do what they say on the box though – there are three air purifiers we recommend.

Amazon Echo Pop - $88

Overall score: 47

Image of a speaker

The pretty colours that Echo Pops come in might tempt you to buy one. Step away from the speaker. You can do better. This one got a score of just 27 for sound quality.

You’ll see in our speakers test that there are some around the same price that will give you better sound.

Sunbeam Café Barista EM5000 - $324

Overall score: 53

Image of a coffee machine

We’ve got test results for more than 50 espresso machines at the moment, and this one sits at the very bottom. It’s easy to use but got a score of just 38 for the coffee it makes.

Living & Co Basic Hard Case 70cm - $109

Overall score: 50

Image of a suitcase

Despite its low rating when we tested this and other suitcases in winter last year, The Warehouse then put the price of this dud up from $89 to $109. Even the old price was too much for a bag that did so terribly in our lift and drop test. We usually drop bags 300 times from a height of 90cm, but after 100 drops this bag was unusable – the wheels were damaged and there was a big crack in one corner.

There’s actually a cheaper case that does better in our luggage test.

HP LaserJet M110we - $139

Overall score: 48

Image of a printer

Buying a printer can be tricky. They’re not exactly the kind of thing you chat with your friends about to find out the best brands and what makes a good one. And if you’re unlucky, you’ll end up with one that scores as low as this HP LaserJet.

There are cheaper printers that come with our Consumer Recommends tick, and our printer expert Erin Bennett says you can often find them on sale for even less.

Beko BDP710W - $1,239

Overall score: 57

Image of a washing machine

We're usually fans of heat pump dryers but this one received our lowest score for drying performance. Its average cycle time is nearly 3 hours. And the best dryer we’ve tested costs $450 less!

Haier HRF454TW3 - $1,499

Overall score: 50

Image of a fridge-freezer

You wouldn’t catch us buying this fridge-freezer. It's poor at minimising temperature fluctuations, and owners of Haier fridges are the least happy in our annual reliability and satisfaction surveys. Our top-rated fridge is cheaper.

Sauber Pro Carpet Shampooer - $449

Overall score: 43

Image of a carpet washer

If you like the idea of giving your carpet a good wash from time to time you might be tempted to buy your own carpet washer. We’ve tested a bunch and compared them to hiring a Rug Doctor. Four impressed enough to get our Consumer Recommended tick, but this one earned our Don’t Buy label. It was terrible at carpet cleaning and stain removal and left the carpet damp.

Ecovacs Deebot U2 - $449

Overall score: 43

Image of a robot vacuum cleaner

This robot vac promises to vacuum and mop your floors for less than $500. Unfortunately, that’s too good to be true. We gave it a carpet cleaning score of just 15 and it’s no good at picking up pet hair – we gave it just 25 in our pet-hair removal test.

We have looked at which vacuums are the best at sucking up pet hair.

Westinghouse WWT8084J7WA - $1,147

Overall score: 51

Image of a washing machine

The price of this washing machine has taken some big dives over the last couple of months but don’t be tempted by the sale signs. Westinghouse owners reported more faults than average, resulting in a terrible reliability rating. Not surprisingly, their owners were also less satisfied than average. This machine is particularly poor at dirt removal.

Image of kitchen products

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